Tonight On ‘Big Brother Canada 6’: Week 4 Double Eviction

Arisa Cox hosts Big Brother Canada 6

Double Eviction time has arrived this week on Big Brother Canada 6 as not one, but TWO Houseguests will be evicted in an exciting race to survive the hours among these cutthroat players.

We already know the first HG heading out the door, but nearly anyone can go in the second round and there lays the fun in the night.

Erica will be the outgoing HOH after making a big blindside move this week. She’ll soon be back in the mix of living in danger and competing along with the other HGs, but she won’t be eligible for the first HOH comp of the night on BBCAN.

Houseguests will quickly decide on their vote between Merron and Veronica, this season’s HG twist, then they’ll crown a new, short-term HOH, a round of nominations, Veto, and another eviction. We’ll end the night without an HOH so check back here for those spoilers later.

So who will it be going next? Share your guess below in the comments.

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