Big Brother Canada 6 Predictions: Who Will Be Evicted Tonight? – Week 4

Big Brother Canada 6 Predictions Who Will Be Evicted Tonight - Week 4

Tonight we will watch as not one, but two of the Big Brother Canada 6 HGs are evicted from the Big Brother Canada house! We know who the final nominees are for the first eviction and here is who I think will be going home first during tonight’s Double Eviction!

The original nominees this week were Merron and Maddy, but Erica’s plan all week was to BD Veronica. Which worked out perfectly because Veronica wasn’t picked to play in the POV. When Erica took the win in the POV comp, we all knew that she was going to save someone and renom Veronica. However, we didn’t really know who she was going to take down.

After the POV meeting, we found out that Erica took Maddy down and put Veronica on the block next to Merron. We knew things were going to get interesting and after a couple of emotional breakdowns, a couple one on one chats with Erica and some chats with other HGs, Veronica realized that she may have been being played. Veronica called a house meeting that could have helped her game, but seemed to just put the final nail in her Big Brother Canada coffin.

Things seem to be pretty close, there are some people that think keeping Veronica will be good for their game and there are other’s that know her sticking around will be terrible for their game. There is also a lot of talk about whether or not Merron or Veronica might have some special power to keep them in the game. The HGs are just really paranoid at this point.

I think that Veronica’s actions on the feeds the other day with the house meeting didn’t help or hurt her game at all. There were people in the house that were planning on voting out Merron over her anyways. I don’t think that Veronica has enough allies in the house though and I think that Veronica will be the first HGs to be evicted from the Big Brother Canada house. Make sure you come back later tonight for our full recap to find out which two HGs will be evicted tonight on Big Brother Canada 6 right here!

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