Big Brother Canada 6 Episode 9 Recap: Will Veronica’s Hinky Vote Come Back to Haunt Her?


Last week on Big Brother Canada 6, we saw Jesse leave the game, becoming the third person evicted. These players are quickly seeing their game explode from one wrong move, and with the double eviction looming, who knows whose time will be next.

Thursday’s Big Brother Canada episode ended on another cliffhanger. We didn’t get to see who won the Head of Household title. We can assume whoever wins it will make some crazy game moves, as that seems to be the pattern. We could see someone who initally wasn’t the target become one, or someone take out their own alliance members.

You really just don’t know what to expect with this season of Big Brother Canada.

BBCAN6 Week 4 Head of Household Competition:

The Big Brother players had already played three rounds of this week’s Head of Household competition.  It was based around the idea of answering questions about the Big Brother Canada museum. Ika, Sabrina, and Kevin from Big Brother Canada 2, Big Brother Canada 3, and Big Brother Canada 5 returned to act out famous scenes from their time in the house.

The players then had to answer questions about those displays. At the end of Thursday’s broadcast, only Will and Merron had been eliminated from the game.

Round #1: Everyone is correct

Round #2: Merron and Will are eliminated

Round #3: Everyone is correct

Round #4: Kaela, Ryan, Olivia, Johnny, and Veronica are eliminated

Round #5: Paras throws it and is eliminated

Round #6: Everyone answered incorrect, so no one is eliminated

Round # 7: Maddy is eliminated

Erica, Ali, and Derek go to a tiebreaker question.

Final Round and tiebreaker: The answer is 206 pieces of fruit were moved during the last HOH. Erica gets closest without going over with 150.

Erica is the new Head of Household!!!

BBCAN6 Week 4 Nominations:

Everyone starts to question each other about who exactly did the rogue vote. It starts a fight between Paras and Will. It also makes Ryan and Kaela call each other out aout it.

Veronica has a private conversation with Merron where she lets him know that he might go up as a pawn. In the DR, she confirms that he would be a pawn because he doesn’t have many close relationships, so nominating him won’t make waves. She also says that he doesn’t really talk game wth her. She has a bigger target in mind though.

Erica doesn’t like that she doesn’t know where Maddy stands, and that’s why she might take her out. Hamza and Erica also discuss taking out Veronica, because she’s not someone she can trust. Hamza says that that’s a big move but to make sure they can actually get her out.

Erica wants to take a shot at Veronica, but scared her shot might miss and then Veronica comes after her.

With Veronica’s lie pretty much being obvious to most of the house, will the Head of Household make a move against Canada’s angel, or will she make the safe move?

Join us Wednesday to see who wins the Veto, and if nominations change.

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