Big Brother Canada Results: Who Was Voted Off BBCAN6 Tonight? 3/22/2018

Big Brother Canada 6 Arisa Cox

Another player goes home on tonight’s Big Brother Canada 6. On Wednesday, we saw Jesse make a bold statement about Hamza’s game integrity. Hamza promised to take Jesse off the block if he won Power of Veto, but the combination of Derek and Jesse’s behavior rubbed Hamza the wrong way. He wanted one of them out the Big Brother Canada game.

Having somewhat of a relationship with Derek, Jesse seemed like the best choice. Jesse sealed his fate even more by challenging Hamza during the Power of Veto ceremony. Now things aren’t looking good for Jesse going into the live eviction.

However, the Real Deal (Paras, Derek, Jesse, and Kaela) might be able to pull off some last minute magic and save Jesse from eviction. Many houseguests aren’t a fan of Olivia, so this might give them the perfect chance to get her out before she becomes a real threat.

BBCAN6 Week 3 Eviction Vote:

The end is near for either Olivia or Jesse. Who will get the majority of votes, and who will be safe to compete another week in the house? Right now things aren’t looking great for Jesse, but could his last minute effort save him?

Jesse makes a last minute ditch effort to stay in the game. He talks to Maddy, Erica, Kaela, Paras, and Derek about voting Olivia out as a way to go against the other side

Merron VTE Jesse

Derek VTE Olivia

Ali VTE Jesse

Maddy VTE Jesse

Paras VTE Jesse

Veronica VTE Olivia

Kaela VTE Jesse

Will VTE Jesse

Ryan VTE Jesse

Erica VTE Jesse

Johnny VTE Jesse

By 9 to 2, Jesse has been evicted from the BBCan6 house.

BBCAN6 Week 4 HoH Competition:

Now with the eviction over, all the houseguests turn their attention to this week’s Head of Household competition. With the game constantly shifting, everyone needs the win. It’s the only chance to ensure their safety, and their allies’ safety.

It’s the Big Brother Canada musem. The houseguests only have five minutes to study three scenes with iconic houseguests posing for them.  The houseguests included are Ika, Sabrina, and Kevin. They had to study as much details as possible.

Round #1: Everyone got it right.

Round #2: Will and Merron are eliminated

Round #3: Everyone got it right.

It ends on a cliffhanger. We’ll have to wait until Monday to see who won. Can’t wait? Check the HOH spoilers now! Also, surprise: double eviction next Thursday!

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