Big Brother Canada 6 Episode 7 Recap: Jesse Takes a Jab at Hamza’s Integrity

Big Brother Canada 6 Maddy Hots Week 3 Power of Veto Competition

On Big Brother Canada 6, Hamza is all about making big moves. He wants to bring the entertainment, and that means taking a shot at physical, mental, and strategic threats. At least that’s what he should be doing to make a huge Big Brother Canada game move. Unfortunately,  Hamza has been all over the place this week.

On Monday’s Big Brother Canada episode, we saw a little bit of Hamza’s erratic game decisions. Instead of taking a shot at the one official showmances, Derek and Kaela, he made Olivia his target. Olivia has this curse that makes her come off as a game pariah. Everyone believes she’s a mastermind and physical comp beast.

Jesse kind of just got nominated for being a little shifty. Tonight, either Olivia or Jesse need this Power of Veto, or they can watch their game come to an abrupt and sudden end.

BBCAN6 Week 3 Power of Veto Competition:

Hamza, Olivia, and Jesse, along with three players chosen by random draw, will compete for the Veto. Hamza needs to win it to control who is at risk of going home. Jesse and Olivia both need it to save their games. Can one of them pull off the win? Or will a third party gain control and spice up the game.

Prior to the POV, Jesse and The Real Deal started to worry that he might be the real target. They even make Hamza promise to take off Jesse, which he agrees. He even says he might throw the Veto to Jess if it’s close between them.

Ryan, Erica, and Derek are picked to play in the Veto.

The competition was sponsored by Wendy’s. They had to walk on a beam and then smash a block of ice to find a ball. Then walk on the beam again to toss that ball at targets with fruits and veggies. The first player to knock down all those targets won the Veto.

The winner also won $5,000. It became a race between Hamza and Jesse with four each. Jesse stops to try to get a bigger tool to get his balls out faster. While he’s wasting time doing this, Hamza zooms ahead.

Hamza wins the Power of Veto!!

BBCAN6 Week 3 Power of Veto Ceremony:

If the Power of Veto gets used, this week could be flipped, and Hamza might be able to make a move that benefits him more in the long run. But with Hamza being such an unpredictable player, will he make the best move for him and his allies games, or will he create the best TV moment?

Rumor gets back to Jesse that Hamza said he disrespected him in some way. He then talks to him about it. Hamza doesn’t like Jesse’s attitude, so he thinks about keeping him on the block. He then tells Derek to not let Jesse ruin his game.

Hamza gets annoyed that Derek tries to tell him what moves to make. He then talks to Merron about it.  Merron encourages him to take off Jesse and put up Derek. They see Derek as a better competitor.

Jesse mentions a promise Hamza made to him about taking him off the block. Hamza decides not to use the veto, so Jesse once again points out how Hamza swore on some ‘personal things’ and didn’t keep his word. He asks the house if they really want to work with someone who fails to keep promises.

Tomorrow either Jesse or Olivia will leave the Big Brother Canada 6 house. Join us tomorrow to see who goes home.

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