Big Brother Canada 6 Episode 6 Recap: Hamza Wants to Shake Up the Game

Big Brother Canada 6 Episode 6 Recap

Big Brother Canada 6 needs a shake up. For the last two weeks, we’ve had unanimous votes and predictable evictions. There is a major house divide but no one has been willing to make a big move yet, which has lead to obvious targets going home first, just for being the most on the outs with the other houseguests.

Tonight, we need to see someone who will make a big game move win this week’s Head of Household competition. Someone crazy enough to take chances and take out a strong player.

On this Big Brother Canada 6 episode, we’ll see what groups form now that Rozina and Andrew are out of the game. We’ll also see the remaining HGs compete for the all important Head of Household title. Then the episode should conclude with this week’s nominations. Join us tonight by discussing the episode in the comment section.

BBCAN6 Week 3 Head of Household Competition:

Last week’s eviction episode concluded with the houseguests beginning to play this week’s HOH competition. In order to gain the power, two player were paired up. Each team then had to move along a crate to transfer all their fruits from one side to the other side. The first team to complete this task must then pick among themselves to see who would be granted the power of HOH.

The pairs are:







Kaela and Derek, and Hamza and Veronica are both in the lead early on in the game. Olivia decides to try to block the newbies (Merron and Veronica) from winning, because she knows that Maddy and her can’t win.

Hamza and Veronica manage to beat Kaela and Derek, and get their fruit in at the last moment. Veronica decides to let Hamza have the HOH, so he can see his fiance, Carolyn.

Hamza is the new Head of Household!!!!!

BBCAN6 Week 3 Nominations:

Now that all the conversations have been had, the new HOH must make a major decision: who to nominate for eviction. If the wrong person goes home, this could shift the house, in a bad way for the HOH. Let’s see who our current Head of Household nominates this week.

Hamza tells Merron that his plan is to get Olivia out, and the showmance as the back-up plan. Merron tries to convince him that Olivia isn’t that big of a threat.

After playing “Will You Showmance,? which resulted in Veronica and Will, Merron and Erica, Kaela and Derek, and Jesse and Paras handcuffed to one another, Veronica, while handcuffed to Will, makes an argument to Hamza for Ali and Olivia to be nominated. She wants Olivia out, and wants to see Ali’s face after going on block.

Hamza isn’t sure if those are the best nominees to stir things up.

Olivia and Hamza have a quick talk, while Will and Veronica are hidden in the bathroom. Olivia mentions getting out one of the newbies. Veronica, of course, isn’t too happy to hear this plan. After many more HOH conversations, Hamza makes a decision

Hamza nominates Jesse and Olivia for eviction.

Join us Wednesday to see if Jesse or Olivia can win the Veto and save himself or herself from eviction.

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