Big Brother Canada 6 Live Feeds Discussion: POV Meeting Backlash!

Big Brother Canada 6 Live Feeds Discussion POV Meeting Backlash!

Yesterday on the Big Brother Canada live feeds we watched and waited for the POV meeting results. When the feeds came back, we had confirmation that the POV Meeting went to plan.

We all knew that Erica had a plan to backdoor Veronica this week after she took the POV win. We weren’t sure which of the current nominees were going to be saved, but either way, we knew that there was going to be a huge blowout after. We weren’t disappointed. After the feeds came back, we found out that Maddy was saved by the POV and Veronica was renom’d in her place. That left the two gate-crashers on the block as the final nominees this week.

We watched as Veronica talked to Johnny after the POV Meeting and she is telling him that she really has to stay positive and figure out what she is going to do in order to stay in the house. Veronica then goes to talk to Erica and she is tells Erica that she is not a threat to Erica’s game. Regardless of Erica putting Veronica on the block, she doesn’t want Erica to think that she is going to gun for her if she decides to keep her in the house.

She then goes into how she she wants to stay in the house and work with Erica in the weeks to come. Veronica tells her that she will fight for her when some of the others might not. Veronica also tries to place doubt in Erica’s mind about her alliance telling her that she should be keeping her thoughts to herself and not let anyone get to her. Erica tells Veronica that they are both really emotional right now, but Erica wants to have a serious conversation with Veronica about all areas that Erica felt iffy about.

Later, Hamza is talking to Erica and lets the beans spill about the 5C alliance in the house and denies being in it unless they brought Erica and Merron into the alliance. Hamza tells Erica that they pulled him into the pantry after the POV Meeting and they are sounding like they are going to vote Merron out. Hamza and Erica continue to talk about if the vote flips, they really have to play damage control if this week turns out to be a Double Eviction week (which it is). Erica gets a little flustered by this and tells Hamza they will talk about it more later.

Erica’s target is Veronica, but with talks of the 5C’s wanting to flip the vote and get Merron out, things could get very interesting on Thursday. Veronica had said before that she would target Erica if she was HOH, now she is flipping and telling Erica that she wouldn’t put her up. Do you think that her pleas to stay in the house are going to work or will Veronica be the one to walk out the door first on Thursday? Let me know what you think in the comments below or on social media!

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