Big Brother Canada 6 Live Feeds Discussion: POV Meeting Plans!

Big Brother Canada 6 Live Feeds Discussion POV Meeting Plans!

Well, we know that Erica has big plans this week on Big Brother Canada 6, but which of the nominees will come down during the POV Meeting? We will find out for sure a little later today, but here is what could happen!

We now know who won the POV Comp and Maddy and Merron are currently on the block. Erica has a master plan of backdooring Veronica this week on Big Brother Canada, but who should the POV be used on? Veronica is feeling pretty safe and has been going around the house talking about how Erica isn’t crazy enough to backdoor her or Hamza, but Erica is and has been keeping it pretty close to the chest. There are only a few people that know what Erica’s plan is and they are all expecting heads to roll after the POV Meeting.

Which nominee should be saved with the POV this week? Erica had plan a of getting Maddy out if she didn’t win the POV, but now that she has the POV she can put her real target on the block. I think that if she wants to get either Maddy or Veronica out, then taking Merron down and renoming Veronica is Erica’s best bet. Either way, one of her targets is going home. However, unless Veronica can rally the house behind her, she has a better chance of going home.

I personally think that either way, Veronica will go home if she is on the block. It doesn’t matter who she is up against because both of the current nominees have a pretty big alliance to back them. Everyone in the house is a little nervous about how the POV meeting is going to go and what the backlash is going to look like, but Erica is set on renoming Veronica.

Make sure you come back later today to find out which of the current nominees will be saved with the POV on Big Brother Canada 6!

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