Big Brother Canada 6 Live Feeds Discussion: Another House Meeting

Big Brother Canada 6 Live Feeds Discussion Another House Meeting

We are only four weeks into the season and we have already had two meetings called by the same person. The feeds have been down all morning for Big Brother Canada, but there was a lot of drama yesterday on the Big Brother Canada 6 live feeds. Find out what happened when one HG had enough of the lying and deceit in the house and called a house meeting!

Yesterday, Veronica called a house meeting so that she could confront everyone in the house about the constant lying, deceit and the lack of communication in the house. She also asked the house to at least make her last days in the house enjoyable and not beat around the bush anymore if she is the one that is being sent home this week.

She started off the meeting with telling everyone that she knew this meeting was last minute, but she felt like she needed to do it. She added that she didn’t have anything to lose at this point because she is the only one who is being talked about in the house. She literally went on a 20 minute rant about how she would really like the chance to prove to people that she is an asset in the game. She is sick of people telling her what she wants to hear instead of being truthful with her.

She tells them that she would never tell people they are safe and then put them on the block because that’s a terrible thing to do to someone. She also tells everyone that they are sheep and only doing what the HOH wants instead of playing their own game. She mentioned having people in the house that have her back. She is convinced that one of those people is Will and after her meeting he applauds her. What she doesn’t know is Will has been conspiring against her all day. He went as far as telling Merron that he was going to vote to keep him and he wants to work with him going forward. So much for loyalty, huh?

The only person who spoke during this house meeting, other than Veronica, was Paras. All she said was that Veronica had been asking her over and over where she was at and Paras tells her that she isn’t going to tell her that she has her back. She doesn’t want to be the one who tells her that she has her back and then turn around and blindside her on Thursday. What do you think of this house meeting? Do you think that it hurt or helped Veronica’s chances of staying in the house this week?

After the meeting, Erica even told everyone that she has no problem with everyone voting the way they want. The only issue she would have is if people are coming and saying they are voting one way and then vote the other. She would respect them more if they were just honest with the way they plan to vote.

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