Tonight On ‘Big Brother Canada 6’: Week 5 Eviction Episode

Arisa Cox hosts Big Brother Canada 6

Eviction time has arrived this week on Big Brother Canada 6 and after last week’s excitement of the double eviction we’re down to just one Houseguest going home and there shouldn’t be any surprises on this one.

Ryan and Merron ended up on the Block this week and the Veto wasn’t there to rescue either one of them. Now the HGs have to decide which is better for their game to head out the door. Will they pick to keep the more likable gatecrasher or the more annoying mastermind?

We’ve made our pick on who will be evicted tonight on Big Brother Canada so now we’ll have to settle in and wait for the results. Since these “live” shows are only live in the sense that at some point it was filmed “live” well before it aired there will undoubtedly be spoilers. I still don’t think there are any spoilers required for this one though.

See you back here at 8/7c for the eviction show results with our live recap (that’s something that’s actually “live”!). So who will it be going next? Share your guess below in the comments.

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