Big Brother Canada: HGs Prepare For Week 7 Eviction

Jillian on Big Brother Canada

The Big Brother Canada HGs are preparing for the next eviction and this one is a little more exciting thanks to some uncertainty as Thursday’s vote approaches. Read on for spoilers or steer clear and wait for Wednesday’s episode instead.

Alec Beall on Big Brother CanadaNow that we have our final nominations for the week, Alec and Topaz, it’s been interesting to listen in on the conversations and see which way the wind is blowing. Seems that wind is changing more than we’re used to seeing in past weeks.

Just the other day when we heard Topaz would be going up she seemed to be a surprise target over Alec, but thanks to Jillian’s wishy-washy decision-making Topaz might make a comeback.

Alec has been the obvious choice for us, but Jillian and Emmett were moved by Alec’s pleas and decided he’d be an ally again if they kept him. Andrew continued to stand strong that Alec should be the next eviction and that seems to be winning over “Jillett” (I like that better than “Jimmett” or whatever the show is using.)

Alec has been working hard on Andrew to convince him to keep him over Topaz, but I don’t see Andrew changing his position. If Andrew stands fast on this then I expect Jillian and Emmett to cave and support Alec’s eviction on Thursday.

What do you think the Big Brother Canada houseguests should do this week? Would you vote out Topaz or Alec?