Big Brother Canada: HGs Prepare For Week 7 Eviction

Jillian on Big Brother Canada

The Big Brother Canada HGs are preparing for the next eviction and this one is a little more exciting thanks to some uncertainty as Thursday’s vote approaches. Read on for spoilers or steer clear and wait for Wednesday’s episode instead.

Alec Beall on Big Brother CanadaNow that we have our final nominations for the week, Alec and Topaz, it’s been interesting to listen in on the conversations and see which way the wind is blowing. Seems that wind is changing more than we’re used to seeing in past weeks.

Just the other day when we heard Topaz would be going up she seemed to be a surprise target over Alec, but thanks to Jillian’s wishy-washy decision-making Topaz might make a comeback.

Alec has been the obvious choice for us, but Jillian and Emmett were moved by Alec’s pleas and decided he’d be an ally again if they kept him. Andrew continued to stand strong that Alec should be the next eviction and that seems to be winning over “Jillett” (I like that better than “Jimmett” or whatever the show is using.)

Alec has been working hard on Andrew to convince him to keep him over Topaz, but I don’t see Andrew changing his position. If Andrew stands fast on this then I expect Jillian and Emmett to cave and support Alec’s eviction on Thursday.

What do you think the Big Brother Canada houseguests should do this week? Would you vote out Topaz or Alec?


  1. if Emmett votes to keep Alec, then Emmett deserves to go in 2nd eviction, now i’m a fan of JillMet, but that’d just be a super stupid move,

    in next HOH there will be only 6 people left, 5 playing, i see something physical in HOH, they’ve already had so many question/endurance one, so much easier against Topaz than Alec in physical.

    • I don’t care which of the two goes. I just laugh that Jillian did not keep her word. How many nom pawns and challenge deals go south? LOL

      • I’m hoping there are some repercussions of her going back on her deal, but I do admit that if Alec stays, it should be Emmet going up next (and wouldn’t THAT be fitting, if Alec went back on HIS deal with Emmet). All in all it’s been not too bad of a season, but I’d have to say I wish production would use less gimmicks to speed up the process and sway things in a particular direction. They’ve started doing this more and more with the USA version and the bloggers haven’t been too happy with that – so why do it here?

        • I think there speeding up the process because big brother canada started with more houseguests then the USA one.

          • Could be… or once the free preview of Slice TV stopped (here in Ontario) the network realized they need to rush the 2nd half of the show because nobody was watching anymore.

          • No I don’t think so I hear the ratings are actually amazing for the show. I’m loving it so glad Jillian put up Topaz, shows she actually here to play the game and make a big move.

  2. ALEC needs to go with a capital GO if he stays i wont be watching anymore he and and peter are so lazy and boring!!!!!!! comon Jillian and Emmitt canada loves you be smart get rid of Alec

    • OMG i can’t begin to count the amount of times people say “..I will not watch anymore if..”. Get real, you’ll be back the very next show and continue to whine whenever what you to have happen does not happen. Not sure if you got the telegram but BB CN is not about you!

      • It would’ve been nice to see a final 4 of Alec, Peter, Emmet & Jill… they’ve been the smartest and most ”active” players in determining the course of the game. Gary would’ve been a great player if he wasn’t sooo freakin’ young & mouthy!

  3. It’s time for Alec to go; he’s too persuasive and smart to keep around – it’s obvious by the way that he’s making them question their own nominations.

    And seriously – I love it when people go back on their deals. It’s down to the wire now – why would you give up and let someone else win HOH when it’s down to you two? Why wouldn’t you say “Hey, maybe you should drop and I’ll keep my word?”. I think Topaz is putting too much trust in someone she’s openly admitted to not being able to stand, so how is she surprised? Good for Jillian for making the right call for her game, instead of trying to keep the peace with Topaz.

    • Agreed that it’s the ”smart” choice, but the cost is her no longer being ”Canada’s sweetheart” in my opinion… If she’s fine with being another one of the rats in the hole, then yeah take the money and run!

      • Oh my, I really should’ve clarified here… Not calling Jill a rat. Was just using the term because rats are known to quickly eat each other when they are in a confined area together. In this case Jill was quick to betray somebody when she had just finished giving her word…Apologies if family/friends were offended without knowing the context of the expression.

        • Um, this is the point of the game. No one should be there to be “Canada’s sweetheart.” They should all be there to take the money and run. Why else would you play Big Brother? I really don’t get why people get so upset when the players actually play the game.

          • Agreed! Just because she is playing the game to win doesn’t mean she isn’t a sweetheart. She seems like a really nice girl but smart too She is doing what she needs to do. I hope she can go all the way.

      • The Problem is she won’t win. She can’t at final 2 she will not have the shield Topaz or Gary’s vote thats the 4 0ut of 7 right there

  4. cant stand emmet alec needs to be saved n then him or peter win hoh n put andrew n emmet up n then have eirher peter or alec next hoh n put andrew n jillian up …get rid of the east crap

  5. Ahhh, Jillian is a retard! I hope they keep Alec just for either Jill and emmett too leave next week! LOL

    • Hoping that ”balance” is kept by Alex surviving the week and getting a chance to vote out Jill next week!

  6. Jillian and Emmette need to go. Jillian is a smart player but, she just needs to go. Same with Emmette. He’s annoying. But Topaz is an idiot for trusting Jillian. Jillian is known for lying and betraying people.

    • Now that we know about all the house guests (and how far they’re willing to stoop for the money) – I wonder who (evicted or still residing) people would want to win? I’d put my votes towards Peter, Andrew or AJ, though none of them have a real shot at it anymore.

      • Totally, want Jillian and Emmet to win! She just made a huge move, and made the show entertaining by putting up topaz, game should go to people who actually make big moves, and aren’t scared to kick someone out of the house.

  7. Not a smart play on Jillian’s part. Don’t get me wrong, I am a West Coaster all the way, but if you have Talla and Emmett at your side, you can put Andrew up as a pawn replacement without the worry of him leaving. Or put Talla up…
    By breaking her word with Topaz, she will have a really hard time getting the votes to win the show. Just common sense.

    Gary, Sue and Topaz won’t vote for her. Neither would Alec or Peter I’m sure. So this one move has basically ended Jill’s chance at the 100K!

    I still think it is an uphill battle for the West, but if they can pull Talla back over, I’m looking at you Pete. That night of hair holding should get you some brownie points.

    ps. West is Best!

    • In all honesty if you worry about the jury and how they are going to vote you’ll never make it to the end. You never know how the jury is going to vote. Look at Chilltown went back on all there deals with jury and told them off and they still got the votes. Dan in his first season got all the votes and did veto rullet to Oille and went back on same deal that Jill just made. Jury either votes on actual gameplay,or whines that someone kicked their ass and was lied to to win. It goes either way just depends on if the individual is a baby or not.

  8. What a week it was time for a big move and Jill did not shy away from it! However it has lost her the game I would bet everything I have that under NO circumstances will she win this game! She may have won the game for her Emmet but I doubt it as well. I think its so funny how she said she cant lie yet she has been the biggest liar in this season so far. I bet she most likley will make the final 2 because she is the smartest player to take to the finals because nobody will vote for her!

  9. Jillian, is suppose to be a teacher n she goes back on her word n lies to topaz. What is she teaching the kids she teaches. She’s showing Canada what a liar she is. She needs to go. Also emmet, he uses her and she can’t see that.

  10. Alec and Peter should have kept the shield as a “secret” alliance. They should have both played on opposite sides of the house, which was what I thought they were going to do earlier in the season. Obviously everyone caught on pretty quickly that they were best buds and now look at where they are. Peter might be able to get passed next week but his chances of final 2 are highly unlikely

  11. Here’s what I think Peter should do. I think Peter should make a plan assuming that Alec is probably going to go home (Emmett and Jillian could still possibly save him, though). Peter should talk to Andrew and convince him that if Alec leaves, he wants to pair up with Andrew, and that next week (actually tonight with the double eviction), they need to get either Jillian or Emmett out. He needs to tell Andrew that Jillian and Emmett will not bring him to the final 2 over each other, and that if he wants a better chance to win the game, they need to be broken up, this being the prime opportunity because if they convince Talla as well, they just need to make sure Emmett doesn’t win HOH. He should also tell Andrew to throw the HOH so that 1, Jillian and Emmett don’t see it as a betrayal by Andrew and 2, so that Andrew can still compete in the next HOH.

    Long-winded and possibly confusing, I know, but Peter is in a position to make a huge power play and as an enthusiast of the game, I want to see it happen.

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