Big Brother Canada – Coming Up: Week 7 Veto Ceremony

Big Brother Canada - Jillian

Later today the Big Brother Canada Veto Ceremony will be held and we’re expecting some action based on what we’re hearing on the Feeds. Read on for some spoilers on what is about to happen.

Peter is obviously going to put his Veto to use and save himself which means someone has to fill that vacancy. That’s where the fun starts.

Despite making a deal during the last HoH competition, Jillian is ready to go back on her agreement with Topaz and name her as today’s renom.

Not only that, but Alec may have just dodged an eviction bullet. Emmett and Jillian have discussed that they’re okay with keeping Alec over Topaz since once she’s gone they won’t have an enemy left. But come on, when no one but friends are left in this game they still have to turn on one another and who would be easier to beat in the next challenge? Topaz or Alec? Well they’ve both won competitions, but I think I’d be more worried about Alec.

What do you think Jillian should do at today’s Veto ceremony? Is she making the right choice for her Big Brother Canada game?


  1. this would be dumb of Jillian and Emmit if this is true. The Shield is for sure going to go after them now.

  2. Alec has no chance, no way Andrew and Talla are going to vote to keep Alec, too big a threat. and then there is Peter, Peter seems like a smart guy and with going to 6 hg’s left, even he’ll see Alec as more of a threat, then an ally.

    Say the vote ends up a tie, i think Jillian is smart enough to just evict Alec even if it’s not what Emmett wants

        • It’s not a debate of the actual word it’s a fact that she would do what he wants. It’s bad for her game she needs to be thinking about her own game.. In the end left up to someone else they’ll try and split them up anyways

    • if its a tie and Jillbot has to decide, she will have the chance to redeem herself and keep topaz, have a good shot at final 2 or kick topaz out, lose both topaz and gary’s jury vote and probably not even have a chance to get to final 2.

  3. Get rid of Alec! He is everyone’s enemy and if u keep him, he’s coming after you. Stupid move Jillian and if u keep Alwc u deserve to be voted off next week. U went back on yr word on Topaz and I think u are a coward for that. As far as topaz goes, I thought she would be smarter then letting herself be blindsided by Alec. Girl u need to look out for you and forget him. You should have done that along time ago and now yr game has suffered. Jillian should have hard the respect for topaz and not put her up at all. Otherwise she should have played fair and fought to the end.

  4. i they get rid of alec ihate him so much! if they all vote to keep alec, i honestly hope he wins the show since everyone wants to be so stupid

  5. If topaz leaves Thursday I’m done with the show.. It’ll be boring.. Now that’s not to say topaz is the life of the show because she isn’t.. still mad that bb screwed her over and was wanting the under dog to come out big… It’s boring now that Gary’s gone too. Talla can get annoying.. Emmett and Jillian are always sucking face..I can’t take Andrew allllllll the way up Jillian’s ass and Peter and Alec are douches.. Not much more to look at. I don’t know why everyone in the house doesnt want topaz in the house anyways.. When Emmett was sick the other day with the milk topaz was there practically holding his head while he puked. When she went off on Liza she was only defending her whack ass showmance.. (I wish she knew better tho) my point with topaz is she was loyal to to her main alliance and at some point the bigger targets are going to get put on the block anyways. Her game was done from the leak in the hoh room and all was unfair.. How is it everyone gets a fair chance but her. I know she pissed off bb but still.. They don’t leak diary rooms. Smh anyways I’m done ranting but not watching if she leaves Thursday!!!!

    • the weak cast that was selected by production is really starting to show, now that the numbers in the house are shrinking… hopefully next season they pick a wider variety of houseguests (not all twenty something airhead alcoholics)

  6. WTF? where’s all the shield fans? There the life of the show. it would suck ass if Alec left. Shield final 3! (cause I want Peter to win, he won ‘t win against Alec.

    • Go shield go, I agree, the shield elevated the show to a more watchable level earlier on… too bad its so obvious of an alliance though… a better alliance is one with four secret members who all have an outsider “best friend” to tap into for info and vote support.

    • I actually did like the shield at the start, but I really don’t anymore. Their just taking credit for running the show from behind the scenes and they really havent at all this whole time. Every hoh had a target in mind and went for that person, and then the shield took credit for it. They keep saying they have influence over people, but are you kidding me, the whole house is agaisnt them. But honestly if they don’t vote out Alec that be sooo stupid.

  7. Alec will go , break up the duo ! Topaz is zero worry , shell go next . Nova Scotia is winning one way or another. ….

  8. I hope Topaz goes up as a replacement nominee… these people are sooooo stupid if they think there is any honesty or integrity in a deal made under any circumstances… have these contestants even watched BB ? During any comp, to drop or quit on a promised deal from your competitor is a FAIL, and the quitter deserves whatever happens…. i’m so sick of listening to Topaz, send her out the door!! I’m thinking the players have all been brainwashed in the D.R. as well because they are alway talking about “Canada” is going to do this or that and cause another twist in the game… the only twists are coming straight from the production crew irregardless of any fake vote or poll they post online.

  9. The smart move is to get rid of Alec. If she keeps Alec over Topaz she does not deserve to win. He is the biggest threat left in the house. He wins Comps and is a smart player. I also think he would be less likely to hold a grudge in the jury house. Time for Ms Jillian to start playing her own game and as nice as Emmet seems he still wants to beat her in the end. Hope she makes us NS girls proud and makes the smart game move.

    • I think this is just the result of boredom. The HG’s waffle a lot because they are bored out of their mind. When it comes down to it, Alec will be evicted 3-1. They are scared of Alec and don’t want to play against him in the next HOH comp for sure.

  10. Why on earth do that!!!! frick that sooo stupid kick out Alec. You nominated him of course he gonna come after you!

  11. Jillian should talk to Talla and put her up next to Alec. Jillain’s side has the votes…. Emmett and Andrew will vote to evict Alec and Peter and Topaz will vote to evict Talla. Jillian would have to break the tie, ultimately sending Alec home. This way she keeps her word with Topaz so there is less of a target on her.

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