Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 7 Veto Ceremony Results

Here are your spoilers for the Big Brother Canada Veto ceremony this week. We were listening in to find out what we could expect earlier and now we have the official details. Read on for those spoilers or skip this story if you want to keep the results a surprise for Wednesday night’s broadcast on Slice.

Shield alliance on Big Brother Canada

At today’s Veto meeting the holder of this week’s power, Peter, decided to use his Veto and take himself off the block. Smart choice.

In a move that may surprise her fans, Jillian went back on her deal with Topaz and has named her as the renom. That means either Alec or Topaz will be sent to the Jury House. If I were in there I’d take this chance to get Alec out, but surprisingly the HGs are still debating what to do.

Do you think Jillian made the right move in picking her renom? How would you vote on Thursday night?