Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 7 Veto Ceremony Results

Here are your spoilers for the Big Brother Canada Veto ceremony this week. We were listening in to find out what we could expect earlier and now we have the official details. Read on for those spoilers or skip this story if you want to keep the results a surprise for Wednesday night’s broadcast on Slice.

Shield alliance on Big Brother Canada

At today’s Veto meeting the holder of this week’s power, Peter, decided to use his Veto and take himself off the block. Smart choice.

In a move that may surprise her fans, Jillian went back on her deal with Topaz and has named her as the renom. That means either Alec or Topaz will be sent to the Jury House. If I were in there I’d take this chance to get Alec out, but surprisingly the HGs are still debating what to do.

Do you think Jillian made the right move in picking her renom? How would you vote on Thursday night?


  1. They better vote out Alec. It would be a waist of HOH for Jillian if they don’t get rid of him. Alec will in return vote out either jillian or emmet next week.

    • I totally agree why on earth would you not vote him out! You just put up Peter and Alec, and pissed them off. So why keep them together! Please Andrew or Talla talk some sense and tell Emmet to vote out Alec.

      • I would like to see them vote out alec as well if for no other reason and that being that if Topaz wins HOH she will go after Jillian and Emmett and Alec probably would not do so. He talks like he would but I really don’t think that he would I think Emmett would wind up swaying him back whereas I don’t think Topaz would be swayed.

  2. i think alec is in the most danger and i couldn’t be happier. i am liking this big brother show quite a bit.

  3. Totally agree Alec is the ”smart” choice to go, but I can’t ignore Jillian’s false image as the the sweet & innocent girl BBC has portrayed her to be. She’s every bit as cunning, manipulative, and skilled in lies as Alex, Peter or Gary. She bamboozled all her fans and I’m hoping there are some popularity repercussions.

    • Go Talla! You may not be the brightest lightbulb in the socket, but you are definitely the least dishonest of the remaining houseguests!

    • If anything this makes me like her more! Her going against deals makes the show wayyy more fun to watch!!! She actually playing the game!

      • Agreed! I don’t get why people get so pissed when someone makes a move like this. It’s the nature of the game. They aren’t in church here. They’re on Big Brother.

        • True, but at the same time, this isn’t ancient Rome where we should sit back and applaud those who make their gains by dishonesty & hypocrisy… There needs to be ”good” guys (and yes ”bad” guys too) so that we have a choice on who to root for – not everyone acting as immoral as possible.

    • Jillian didn’t go against her deal when it comes to putting Topaz out, she promised to not nominate her and she didn’t. She didn’t promise to not put her up after the veto competition.

      • You know the deal extended to Alec too right? For this week Jillian and Topaz agreed that neither one would nom each other nor their “showmance” mates. She did go against her deal. Anyways it was a smart move to nom both Alec and Peter then to renom Topaz. If Jillian and Emmet are to have the best shot moving forward, this would be the most logical move.

        • someone needs to tell Topaz all the smack Alec has talked about her. Poor girl she really looks foolish at this point. Trying to save someone that really wants her gone.

    • I like her better for making a smart move. Its a game not a popularity contest for fans. How boring if no one made any power moves…I think fans need to remember this is a game and they are there to win. It is not “The Real World” where they are on TV to entertain and not win something

      • Agreed that they can’t all be ”good” guys, but as boring as it is to watch all good guys, it’s just as boring to watch everyone being deceitful. I like to have the choice of rooting for the good guys, and yes, sometimes rooting for the bad guys. 🙂

      • I’m with Mayu on this one. It might be a smart game move but it does destroy her ”good girl” image that many of us were cheering for. It’s fun to cheer on the ”good guys & girls”, and it’s fun to marvel at the deception of the ”bad guys”. When everyone is the same (good or bad) it gets boring & predictable.

  4. wished they did not film them eating…hearing them chew is sooo disgusting and some of these guys never seem to stop eating

      • Agreed! She may be in great shape but… Once she pops out a couple kids… It may just bite her in the ass… Or stomach. . . Or face. Lol

        • Nasty. Why must women always prove the old adage that women are catty? Jill is lovely. Beautiful and fit. Watch those claws ladies

          • who said the comments were from women? I don’t see a gender sign on anyone’s post.

      • Holy crap, if there were a drinking game for every time Jillian licks her fingers you would be on the damn floor passed out within five minutes of watching her. Did anyone see when she was making cookies and kept licking her fingers while she “shaped” the cookies? It was super gross. Also, when Peter had to eat a salad, why in hell did he have to puke in the kitchen sink? Couldn’t he at least have hit a garbage can?

  5. I realize we are getting ebb and flow on who the target is. It happens some weeks but the votes are almost unanimous in the end. I expect alec is gone. I still think Emmits a smart enough guy to know Alec word is worth nothing at this point. The strength is in Beastcoast plus Lala. You raised a 30/30 and pulled the trigger. Don’t yell duck or you’ll get the horns where the sun don’t shine!
    This should be 3-1 to evict Thursday. If E/J swallow that deal they don’t deserve to win the game. Problem is Andrew cannot work with A/P so the thing comes down to some luck and winning comps from 6 down for beastcoast final 3.

  6. will big brother canada have a past houseguest go back in the game like a big brother a few years or more back.I remember a season of big brother had a evicted houses guest back in the game.

    • It’s too soon for a young show like BB Canada to bring back past players. Just wait for a few more seasons for them to have a portfolio of potential returnees to pick from.

    • If someone does have to come back, Gary would be the obvious choice for production to make, since he’s a bigger character than AJ. They can’t bring anyone else back because they haven’t been sequestered. But honestly, I hope they don’t bring anyone back. How can players actually work strategy if production interferes with the game to that level?

      • I hope Gary does not come back. He was voted out fair and square and had the chance to win the veto. I would like to see the players that have managed to stay in the house go to the finals not someone production puts back in to up ratings. I would then become a BB USA fan only.

        • BB USA has brought evicted houseguests back to compete for the grand prize before.. Why would it make you mad if BBC did it?

  7. Big brother i was wandering if you can do a twwist and bring back an evicted houseguest i believe this wil be great for ratings and really help excitement for the show even more.The show is awesome but will amke the show even more awesome.It should liek a past big brother when an evicted houseguest was voted into the game

    • When the guys pull big moves they are brilliant players but when a girl does it, she’s a b****. They are down in numbers what other options did she have anyways. Topaz would have done the same thing anyways to Emmitt and Jill. I like the insert of drama it adds to the house.

      • So true! There is such a double standard when it comes to game play between men and women. Everyone will eventually have to get more ruthless, it doesn’t matter whether you are male or female. It isn’t fair that women are always judged more harshly!

        • Funny when Gary went back on his word it was fine…b/c he is a man??? Jillian is (hopefully) going to start playing a game she can actually win. And Alec is standing in the way. Topaz…not really- who is going to vote her the best player…can’t see it.

          • Oh please Gary did to Tom exactly what Tom did to him. As for Jillian going back on her word this is certainly not the first time she has looked at someone and told them they were not going to go up the block and then she promptly did so. She’s the very worst kind of person so sweet and nice does whatever Emmett tells her to do, sometimes at the risk of her own game and then looks people dead in the eye and says I give you my word. Her word obviously means nothing and frankly I don’t care if she lies but please Jillian and you guys on here don’t get up on your moral high horse and claim Alec or anyone else for that matter is sleazy and untrustworthy. Pot I’d like you to meet Kettle. If what she is doing is good gameplay why is that not the case for everyone else. And one other thing I really wish Peter had called out Jillian and Emmett for not mentioning they had found the monkey if for no other reason then to try and put a crack in the so called East Coast Alliance. Speaking of sleazy the 2 of them didn’t even tell their own alliance they had found it.

      • haha totatlly I don’t get why people get mad when people turn on deals, thats why big brother is so fun to watch, I actually like Jillian more for doing so and actually playing the game.

      • Oh seriously, Jillian may be HOH but she didn’t make that move Emmett did just like he did the first time she was HOH. She was going to put up Danielle the first time she was HOH because Jillian knew that Danielle was gunning for her but she didn’t because Emmett told her to put up the guy that she had promised not to put up. She was very lucky that didn’t backfire on her.She’s so blinded by Emmett that I’m pretty she checks with him before she sneezes

  8. I wish Gary would win but dat ant gonna happen so i vote for Talla shes just so clueless she needs the $$$ to buy a brain

  9. Jillian just lost this game this HOH makes her this biggest liar of this season and no matter who she goes to final 2 with she will lose. That being said i think she just made final 2 because she is now the most obvious person to go against in final 2.

  10. So Jillian looks like a liar (o-well it IS Big Brother) but why didn’t Topaz try harder to win the veto? In my opinion Topaz sure gave up quickly once Jillian made a deal. She could have tried to make the deal and have Jillian jump down instead or just fight it out. I’m glad Jillian put up Alec and re-nomed Topaz. Good on her! And I can’t wait to see why they were finding all Tom’s things the other day around the house, althouh it seems they know now he’s not coming back but I didn’t watch long enough last night to find out more.

  11. I love Jill’s move.And I’m hoping topaz leaves the house Thursday.I’m sad that Gary had to leave so soon.He was great entertainment for us to watch.I loved his game play he was a straight shooter.Looking forward to tonight’s show!

  12. I have been hoping for Peter to win from the first day. Smartest and not annoying like the others. Emmit is nice eye candy.

  13. Tonight’s episodes will be boring, it seems obvious Alec is going out. but it would be a huge twist tonight if topaz left and then we had the double eviction, now that is a BBCAN episode I would watch! The shield can’t break up, at least not this week, if Botha
    C and Peter survive tonight, they would be the smallest and strongest alliance ever in BB history!

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