Big Brother Canada 6 Predictions: Who Will Be Evicted Tonight? – Week 9

There is only one more week of Big Brother Canada 6 with the two-hour season finale airing one week from today. We were expecting a lot of things to go differently and we were definitely not expecting to see the showmance make it to the F4, but here we are.

Speaking of the showmance, this week on Big Brother Canada, Kaela was in the HOH and had nominated Paras and Maddy for eviction. After Will threw the POV comp to Kaela, Kaela decided that she was going to keep the nominations the same. This had Paras wondering why Will didn’t take the chance to win the Veto and then take her down so that Kaela was forced to nominate Derek, and I think we were all wondering the same thing.

Maddy did some bridge burning of her own this week when she ran to Kaela and told her a lot of Paras’ game moves and how she felt like she was on her own. Well if she wasn’t then, she sure was after Paras found out about this conversation. When she questioned Maddy about it, she didn’t deny that she had the conversation, but she also tried to explain that Kaela had her thinking that Paras and Will had it out for her and that she could trust Kaela.

After this turn of events, the only hope Maddy had this week was to make a pitch to Derek in hopes that he would convince Kaela to keep her around. With only Will and Derek voting, she was hoping for a split vote and that her pitch would cause Kaela to vote out Paras. While I am a firm believer that anything can happen in the Big Brother Canada house, I don’t think that Maddy stands a chance this week.

Derek told Kaela after his conversation with Maddy that he is confident that she can beat Paras in any comp they throw at them. Even though Maddy tried to convince him that she would be a weaker competitor in a mental comp, I don’t think that they are going to keep her to find out. Who do you think will go home tonight? Vote in our poll here to let us know! So far, 75% of you agree that Maddy will be walking out the door tonight.

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