Big Brother Canada 6 Poll: Who Will be Evicted Week 9? (POLL)

Big Brother Canada 6 Poll Who Will be Evicted Week 9 (POLL)

This week has been an interesting one inside the Big Brother Canada 6 house. Kaela is in the HOH and her noms are in place. The POV has been played on the feeds and the ceremony has been done. Find out who the final nominees are and let me know which HG you think will go home by voting in my poll below!

Kaela won the POV and kept the power in the HOH room. She had been going back and forth about how she needed to cut Derek soon, but she decided not to use the Veto this week. Looks like she is really putting all her faith in winning the final HOH comp. With Maddy and Paras on the block and everything that has been said and done in the house on the feeds, it looks like the house’s eviction choice is pretty set.

Maddy and Paras had been pretty close over the course of the game, but when Paras found out that Maddy was giving information to Daela, things went a little sour between them. Paras felt that Maddy had betrayed her and Will by giving Daela information about their gameplay. Even though Maddy told them that she was manipulated by them, Paras and Will didn’t want to hear her excuses.

She continued to try and explain to Will and Paras that Daela was feeding her information that wasn’t true and she felt as though she couldn’t fully trust Will and Paras. She told them that she had realized that everything they told her wasn’t true, but it’s a little too late to come to that realization.

There is still a couple days until eviction so I would like to hear from you! Who do you think will be evicted this week on Big Brother Canada? Let me know by voting in the poll below!

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