Big Brother Canada 6 Spoilers: Week 9 Nominations

BBCAN Spoilers with host Arisa Cox

The Big Brother Canada 6 Feeds revealed the latest spoilers as these results bring us the nominations for Week 9 of BBCAN6 after the latest Head of Household competition set us up with a not so surprising return to power in the game.

Houseguests foolishly kept Daela together in the game and this round they reminded the HGs why that was a bad choice. Kaela is in charge at F5 and in all likelihood, she’ll march right into the F4 with Derek still attached.

BBCAN6 Nominations Week 9:

  • Kaela nominated: Maddy & Paras

Well, she wasn’t going to put up Derek and Will has been playing his position well so these were the two obvious choices. As for Will’s role, he’s promised he won’t put the Veto in to play if he wins, but if he did win and use it then Derek is the only renom choice. Now that’d get interesting! Too much to ask at this point? Probably.

What do you think of Kaela’s nominations? Who would you have put on the Block this week for Big Brother Canada?

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