Big Brother Canada 6 Live Feeds: Maddy’s Pitch to Derek

Maddy is working overtime in the Big Brother Canada 6 house trying to campaign to Daela in order to maybe stay in the house this week. She had some good points, but did it sway Derek in any way? Keep reading to find out!

As we know, Maddy and Paras are the final nominees this week and Paras has an ally in Will, where Maddy doesn’t seem to have anyone left since burning her bridge with Paras and Will. She decided to join Derek on his walk around and starts to chat about the upcoming Veto comp and how important that’s going to be to win. She tells him that if it’s a mental comp, like they all think it might be, she will not be able to beat Derek or Will. If the POV is a mental comp, that means that the HOH will most likely be an endurance comp and Paras is pretty good at those as well. Maddy also mentions that if the comp is one of those “holding on” comps made for a 100-pound girl it would be much tougher for Paras than Maddy.

She basically reiterated that for the majority of the comps, she would be easier to beat than Paras and that for their game it might be better to keep her instead of Paras. When Derek goes back to talk to Kaela about this, he mentions that Maddy made a lot of good points, but he would still feel better with Kaela’s chances against Paras. He said that he feels very confident in Kaela’s ability to beat Paras in a mental comp. He also mentioned to her that he did beat Maddy in every mental comp, but she knew all the answers where he did not.

What do you think of Maddy’s pitch? Do you think that she could be an easier player to beat in the F4 and F3? Let me know in the comments below or on social media!

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