Big Brother Canada 6 Episode 25: Trio Vs. Daela Part 2

Big Brother Canada 6 Episode 25: Trio Vs. Daela Part 2

Only eight days left of Big Brother Canada 6, and things are getting nasty. The once tight trio of Will, Paras, and Maddy, hit a major bump on Monday’s episode. Kaela won Head of Household, which meants that two of them would go up on the block. Instead of being ruthless, Maddy just answered Kaela’s question about whether Paras and Will were on board to keep her.

Maddy told them no (which was obvious to everyone because of the debating going on right before the vote). Paras saw this as a major betrayal. She wrote off Maddy as a game ally; it became a Will and Paras double team against Maddy.

Meanwhile, Derek and Kaela just enjoyed the madness while they edged closer to the final three. Tonight, it comes down to the trio versus Daela once more. It’s not a done deal for Kaela in the final four, because if Will wins Veto, and then takes off Paras, this forces Derek to go on the block.

There would be no way that Paras and Will wouldn’t vote him out over Maddy.

BBCAN6 Week 9.5 Power of Veto Competition:

With everyone playing in this POV, the odds are more even for this round of battles. Derek and Kaela need to win the Veto to keep the power in their hands. If Will wins it, then the power goes back to the trio.

This would set the game heavily in their favor, because with no ally and not playing in final four HoH, Kaela’s only hope of survival would be the final four Veto. The trio needs this win to save one of them from going out in fifth place.

For this HOH, the houseguests had to hold on a voodoo doll. Then they would be signaled to remove a peg. If they didn’t remove it in the time allotted, they would be eliminated. If they pulled it and then fell, they would be eliminated.

Maddy is the first one eliminated.

Paras is the next one eliminated.

Will jumps off after Derek tells him final four is locked if he comes down.

Derek is eliminated.

Kaela wins the Power of Veto!

BBCAN6 Week 9.5 Power of Veto Ceremony:

There usually aren’t many surprises this close to the end of the game, but that may just change with tonight’s Power of Veto Ceremony. Could a shocker replacement nominee shake up the endgame?

Paras and Maddy try to get Kaela to nominate Derek as a replacement nominee. They stress that he’s her biggest competition.

Kaela decides not to use the Veto. Tomorrow either Maddy or Paras will leave the Big Brother Canada house.

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