Big Brother Canada 6 Episode 24 Recap: The Trio Vs the Showmance

Big Brother Canada 6

Last Thursday, Big Brother Canada 6 had the dreaded triple eviction. We witnessed three key players go out the house in one big swoop; it was a funny, sad, and crazy goodbye to Ali, Olivia, and Johnny. This left Maddy, Paras, and Will on one side, and Kaela and Derek on the other.

With three against two, the odds seemed more on Maddy, Paras, and Will’s favor, but none of those three have won any challenges thus far. However, towards the end of the game, the mental competitions are more vital. Maddy could finally get the winning streak that she desires.

The five players united to get out Johnny, Ali, and Olivia, but that’s where their truce ended. We should see a battle of all battles for the final two spots. Less than two weeks left before Big Brother Canada 6 crowns a winner, so it’s now or never for certain players to start winning competitions.

BBCAN6 Week 9.5 Head of Household Competition:

Because of his triple eviction Head of Household win, Derek is sitting out of this week’s HoH competition. This leaves Kaela to fight alone for  Derek and her safety. This makes the odds of a Maddy, Paras, or Will win very likely, which would result in one member of the showmance leaving this week.

For the HoH competition, they had to listen to a series of events from a particular week. They then must spin a wheel to reveal the name of whoever won the HOH that week. ‬

Round #1: Everyone gets it right.

Round #2: Everyone gets it right.

Round 3: Paras gets it wrong.

Round #4: Everyone gets it right.

Round #5: Will gets it wrong.

Round #6: Everyone gets it right.

It comes down to a tiebreaker between Maddy and Kaela.

Tiebreaker Question: How many combined shots did all competing houseguests make in the medieval themed  comp? Correct answer is 517.

Kaela guessed 180, and Maddy 117.

Kaela becomes this week’s Head of Household!

BBCAN6 Week 9.5 Nomination Ceremony:

The dynamics of the house make it pretty obvious who will probably go up this week. However, surprising move could be made this week.

Maddy lets Kaela know that she was the only one set on saving her this week, Will and Paras waffled about the decision. Kaela then asks Paras about why she wasn’t sure about keeping her this week? This makes Paras know that Maddy threw her under the bus. Paras and Will then confront her about it. It leads to a lot of tears and accusations.

Kaela nominates Paras and Maddy for eviction. Join us Wednesday for the Power of Veto competition.

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