Big Brother Canada Results: Who Was Voted Off BBCAN6 Tonight? 4/26/2018

Big Brother Canada 6 Triple Eviction Recap

Triple eviction madness time on tonight’s Big Brother Canada 6. For the first time in Big Brother history, Kevin Martin will not be involved in a triple. What a concept? Instead, all eyes will be on Derek and Kaela.

First, all the houseguests will be voting to keep or eliminate Kaela. Yesterday, we saw Derek save himself from impending eviction with the Power of Veto, and this  left Kaela vulnerable to eviction, but like Johnny last week, Kaela has been putting in work to stay in the game.

It comes down to which set of pairs Maddy, Will, and Paras will want to work with down the line, or go against in the final few competitions. Once the Ali and Kaela eviction has been decided, time to move on to triple eviction wildness.

BBCAN6 Week 8 Eviction Vote:

The trio finally have some major power. They can stay true to Johnny and vote out Kaela, or declare war on him.

Kaela promises Will that she would not go after his three (Paras, Will, and Maddy) if they keep her in the game. Will starts to believe it. Derek and Kaela work on Maddy, Paras, and Will but Johnny decides to walk in every time they try to campaign for votes. Lots of scream happens once Johnny starts to actively work to stop Derek and Ali from campaigning.

Olivia VTE Kaela

Derek VTE Ali

Will VTE Ali

Maddy VTE Kaela

Paras VTE Ali

Ali is evicted by a 4 to 1 vote. She doesn’t go out in a whimper, calls Derek and Kaela out.

BBCAN6 Week 9 Head of Household Competition:

This head of household competition is one of the most critical because it makes you completely safe in the triple eviction.

The competition is called “Name that Speech.” They must know who said what during a speech at a ceremony.

Round 1: Everyone correct.

Round 2: Everyone correct.

Round 3: Everyone picked the wrong answer, but Derek.

Derek becomes the new Head of Household!

BBCAN6 Week 9 Nominations:

With the triple eviction, the Head of Household must nominate three people, and then the houseguests vote to save only one. Who will be the unlucky three?

Derek nominates Johnny, Olivia, and Maddy for eviction.

BBCAN6 Week 9 Power of Veto Competition and Ceremony:

The Power of Veto is the last chance to remain safe before the houseguests can take you out in one swoop.

Everyone playing but Derek (per the new rule where the HOH doesn’t play in the triple). They must untwist planks to get the name of houseguest. They then need to put them in order of Head of Household wins.

Kaela wins the Power of Veto. She decides not to use it.

BBCAN6 Week 9 Eviction Vote:

Only one can survive. So the few players voting need to make an unanimous decision or risk an ally going home.

Paras VTS Maddy

Will VTS Maddy

Kaela VTS Maddy

Johnny and Olivia are evicted.

Maddy, Derek, Kaela, Will, and Paras are the final five players.

Join us again Monday to see who wins the next Head of Household. You can also spoil it for yourself by downloading our BBCAN6 app.