Big Brother Canada Results: Who Was Voted Off BBCAN6 Tonight? 5/3/2018

Big Brother Canada Results: Who Was Voted Off BBCAN6 Tonight? 5/3/2018

Five become four on tonight’s Big Brother Canada 6 eviction. Only Derek, Kaela, Maddy, Paras, and Will are left to fight for the winner spot. Tonight, Maddy or Paras leave the game, which leaves the person not voted out and the remaining players (minus Kaela as outgoing HOH) to fight for the Head of Household title.

This Head of Household ensures someone’s spot in the final three. The Power of Veto will ensure the second spot, and the other two have to just hope that they aren’t voted out by the Veto holder. The last few days and episodes will be a fast paced run to the end.

Right now, Maddy seems one foot out the Big Brother Canada 6 door. However, with people always analyzing their game and others, there is always a high chance for a last minute vote flip. Paras isn’t that great at the competitions, but she’s much better strategically than Maddy.

Kaela and Derek may see the benefit in keeping Maddy around over Paras. Can Maddy say the right thing to save her Big Brother Canada 6 game?

BBCAN6 Week 9.5 Eviction Vote:

Now is the time to go big or go home. Will Paras and Maddy fight to the bitter end for their spot in the game?

Kaela VTE Maddy

Will VTE Maddy

Maddy is evicted from the Big Brother Canada house!

BBCAN6 Week 10 Head of Household Competition:

This is the second most critical Head of Household competition of the season. The only HOH comp that has more importance is the final one that determines the final two players. Of course, per usual, we won’t get to see the conclusion of this competition, but we will get to see the start of it, which should give us some insight in who it may favor.

Join us later tonight to find out who won this Big Brother Canada 6 Head of Household competition.

Legends of the Fallen: They received info on an evicted houseguest. They then had to buzz-in to guess the evicted houseguest. The player with the most points at the end became the newest HOH.

Round #1-Paras got a point.

Round #2-Paras got a point.

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