Big Brother Canada 6 Predictions: Who Will Be Evicted Tonight? – Week 7

It is eviction day in the Big Brother Canada 6 house and one of these HGs will be going home by the end of the night. Will it be Ryan who has found himself on the block four weeks in a row? Or will it be Johnny who has proven to be a threat with four competition wins under his belt and has previously gunned for Kaela and Derek?

According to the poll results from my poll earlier in the week, 70% of you think that Johnny will be evicted tonight. Based on talks inside the house yesterday, it sounds like Johnny will likely survive this week’s eviction, but, anything could happen. Throughout the day yesterday, the HGs were all talking about how keeping Johnny would be better. Maddy and Will think that keeping him is better because he is another vote on their side. Ryan is such a wild card that Ali and Olivia agree that they are better off with Johnny as well.

Last night before heading to bed, Johnny, Ali, and Olivia all had a conversation about voting out Ryan and how it would be bad for their Jury management, but they don’t too worried about it. I think that they will end up evicting Ryan tonight and keeping Johnny, which is good for the majority of the house, but very bad for Daela. It is about two hours until eviction is taped, maybe they will let us watch the HOH on the live feeds again. Either way, we will have the results of tonight’s eviction and HOH comp right here for you!

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