Big Brother Canada 6 Live Feeds: Eviction Eve Chatter

It is eviction eve in the Big Brother Canada 6 house and things have seemed a little up in the air as to who the house wants to send packing. This morning on the Big Brother Canada 6 live feeds, there was some chatter and even though anything can happen in the next 24 hours, keep reading to find out what the house is thinking of doing!

Final nominees this week are Johnny and Ryan, Ryan has been a popular target for the last month, but Johnny started putting a target on his back after Erica’s eviction. He was acting really strange and lied to the entire house about who he voted for. He later confessed this lie to Will, Ryan, and Paras and none of them seemed to hold it against him.

Based on talks inside the house it looks like Maddy and Will are going to be voting to evict Ryan this week, they don’t feel safe with him in the house. Will thinks that Ali and Olivia will be on board with keeping Johnny in the house, but Paras thinks that they should wait until later tonight to bring it up to them.

Also this morning on the feeds, Maddy was doing Kaela’s hair and they were chatting. Maddy was telling Kaela that she would love to vote to evict Ryan just so that he knows there are people in the house that don’t want him there. She then adds that she won’t do that though because she doesn’t want to lose any trust between her and Daela.

So, things could really go either way depending on which side of the house Liv decides to stay loyal to and if Ali will be on board with the plan of getting Ryan out also. Paras and Maddy did have a conversation on the feeds and it looks like they are going to try and plant a seed that Ryan is targeting Daela because they keep putting him on the block and sway them to change their minds about who they want out.

According to my Big Brother Canada Eviction Poll, it looks like you all think that Johnny will be going home this week! I’ll keep an eye on the feeds today and give you my official prediction tomorrow before the Big Brother Canada eviction tomorrow night!

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