Tonight On ‘Big Brother Canada 6’: Week 7 Eviction Episode

Arisa Cox hosts Big Brother Canada 6

Eviction time has arrived this week on Big Brother Canada 6 and after last week’s decision by viewers to put the twist in to play, there’s nothing ahead but a cut and dry eviction vote for us here. Ryan is back on the Block for the fourth straight round of voting but can he survive to make it a fifth round?

Ryan isn’t alone up there as Johnny is in the hot seat with him. After Erica was blindsided and eliminated last week we saw Johnny react angrily and that really didn’t help his position here. Not that it was any surprise where he stood, but well, it’s hard to play it cool like that when a big ally gets ripped away.

Now we’ve got the sides starting to redefine their lines and if Johnny stays he could be a tough competitor to try and get out again later. Our poll this week says most of you expect it to be Johnny out the door, but recent talks could be keeping that up in the air.

So who will it be and what will be the next big twist for Big Brother Canada 6?

See you back here at 8/7c for the eviction show results with our live recap (that’s something that’s actually “live”!). So who will it be going next? Share your guess below in the comments.

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