Big Brother Canada Results: Who Was Voted Off BBCAN6 Tonight? 4/19/2018

Big Brother Canada Results: Who Was Voted Off BBCAN6 Tonight? 4/19/2018

This Big Brother Canada 6 week started predictably: We knew exactly who was going home. As Derek and Kaela’s main target, Johnny was going out the door on Thursday. Then when he didn’t win the Power of Veto, Johnny’s game seemed dead. But every great Big Brother player knows that it is not over until it’s over.

The last few days have been filled with intense gaming from Johnny, and his allies, especially Paras. Meanwhile, Ryan got a little too comfortable with his position in the game. This let sly Johnny swoop in and change up his game fate. Now going into today’s eviction, Johnny may have saved himself from eviction.

However, will the players wise-up and decide not to keep him in the game? He is a bigger game threat than Ryan after all, but Ryan may be too unlikable for anyone to want him around any longer.

BBCAN6 Week 7 Eviction Vote:

The house is divided on who to get rid of this week. A few players are worried that the longer Ryan stays, the better his chances of winning the game. Ali and Olivia want to keep Johnny, so they work to obtain Will and Paras’ votes.

Paras and Will really start to analyze whether it’s better to keep Ryan or Johnny. Will even sort of confronts Ryan about possibly working with Derek and Kaela. He doesn’t give a straight answer.

Johnny expertly shifted the focus off himself this week, and on to Ryan. With everyone now seeing Johnny as a major tool in their games, could he get a second Big Brother Canada life?

Ali VTE Ryan

Kaela VTE Ryan

Olivia VTE Ryan

Paras VTE Ryan

Maddy VTE Ryan

Will VTE Ryan

Ryan has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada 6 house.

BBCAN6 Week 8 Head of Household Competition:

Finally, the Big Brother Canada jury has started, which means that  everyone is fighting even harder to stay in the game. There is less than a month before someone becomes the winner of Big Brother Canada 6, and every player can smell that victory.

Anyone who wants to win the season will be fighting extremely hard for this week’s Head of Household. We won’t know the winner by the end of the hour, but we’ll get a look at this intense HOH competition.

The only bad thing about winning this Head of Household competition is that you’ll be very vulnerable going into next week’s Triple Eviction.

It’s a sugar and candy themed HOH. They must climb on to their giant candy and try to hang on the longest. The player to lasts the longests becomes the new HOH.

Join us later to see who wins this week Head of Household competition.

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