Big Brother Canada 5 Spoilers: Week 10 Veto Competition Results

The FINAL Veto of Big Brother Canada 5 has been played and we have the spoilers for you revealing who won and who will be the target to leave in the upcoming early eviction.

Big Brother Canada Power of Veto

This competition was critical for the remaining F4 on BBCAN5. Whoever won it would guarantee either a spot for his or her own or if the HoH won it then it’d guarantee a pick for who would come along to the F3. It’s a big comp and it’s over now.

Demetres had won HoH so he obviously put Karen and Kevin on the Block. It was do or die for Kevin as he was the top target to go this round. Well, Kevin did what he needed to do.

Power of Veto Results: Week 10

Kevin won the Veto.

Congratulations to Kevin. This was huge for his game and he earned it with hard studying for quite awhile now. It’s expected that this was a memory competition and Kevin is a smart guy who had crafted several study guides. I’m not surprised he won, but I’m sure it wasn’t easy.

So now this means Kevin will cast the sole vote to evict after he saves himself and Demetres is forced to renom Ika. Kevin has already admitted who he plans to evict between those two ladies but did we really need to hear it from him?

Yes, Ika will go and the Big Brother Canada 5 Final 3 will be Demetres, Karen, and That Kevin Martin. Congrats to all three on making it this far. The season finale is Thursday night at 7/6c, an hour earlier than normal so be sure to adjust your plans that day.

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