Big Brother Canada 5: Live Feeds End At Final 4 Eviction

The Big Brother Canada 5 Live Feeds have come to a close after a surprise on-screen visit from Arisa Cox notified the Final 4 Houseguests that they were about to face another eviction.

BBCAN5 Live Feeds Closed

The coming eviction wasn’t a surprise, but hearing the bell toll wasn’t welcomed by all of the last few in the game. Now they’ve moved on, one more has been evicted, and we’ll be settling in waiting on the final moves of the season.

At last glance, spoilers revealed Demetres had won the last regular HoH comp then Kevin won the Veto giving him the choice to evict either of the other two HGs, Karen or Ika. Well as much as Karen and Kevin butted heads this season that wasn’t going to be enough to get him to keep Demika together.

While we won’t know for sure until probably Wednesday’s episode, Ika was likely evicted 1-0 by Kevin giving us a F3 of Demetres, Karen, and Kevin. One of those three will go on to win Big Brother Canada 5 on Thursday night during the season finale that kicks off at 7/6c.

Over the next few days the HGs will be battling it out with the three rounds of final HoH to decide the season’s F2. Who do you hope makes it to stand before the Jury?


    • Yeah, shouldn’t be too hard to guess what’s gone on in there. Ika most likely evicted and then either Kevin or Demetres won Round 1 and the other won Round 2. At least that leaves the real drama and uncertainty for Thurs night’s finale show.

      • I wonder how much we will learn tonight. Time will be taking with that awards thing with Nikki.

  1. There is just no need to call Karen the “r” word. That is insulting, hurtful, and totally inappropriate. Karen seems like a very nice person and I don’t think she’s anything close to clueless.

    • I think she’s just tired of being on the show and wants to go back home. She said she didn’t want to do it again.

    • Karen has more intelligence and common sense in her little finger than that Nick Brock will ever have in his life time. She advised the rest of the Big Brother contestants on life issues.Its about time they put someone in the Big Brother house older than40 that wasnt out for a career in acting or modelling. but think Demetrie may win even though Karen should win since Ika is out???

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