Big Brother Canada 5 Spoilers: Week 10 Nomination Results

Big Brother Canada spoilers reveal this week’s pair of nominations following Thursday night’s competition once the F4 had been confirmed and is quick on its way to the F3 ahead of next week’s BBCAN5 season finale.

BBCAN5 Nomination Spoilers

This round of noms is really just a formality as these spots could shift based on who wins the upcoming Veto comp. Right now only that HoH is safe and the other three have bigger things to worry about than these nominations.

Once Demetres was revealed as the last HoH it became obvious right away who would be going up on the Block. It wasn’t going to be Ika.

Big Brother Canada 5 – Week 10 Nominations

  • Karen
  • Kevin

No surprises here. They’re up but if, say, Karen wins the Veto then she comes down and it’s Ika and Kevin up. Work through the scenarios and you can see how this could go. If Demetres wins the Veto then it’ll stay the same and Ika picks who goes. Rinse and repeat.

As for that Veto comp, get ready because it’s on the screen that it’s happening tonight, Friday. The pressure is on!

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