Big Brother Canada 5 Spoilers: Week 10 Nomination Results

Big Brother Canada spoilers reveal this week’s pair of nominations following Thursday night’s competition once the F4 had been confirmed and is quick on its way to the F3 ahead of next week’s BBCAN5 season finale.

BBCAN5 Nomination Spoilers

This round of noms is really just a formality as these spots could shift based on who wins the upcoming Veto comp. Right now only that HoH is safe and the other three have bigger things to worry about than these nominations.

Once Demetres was revealed as the last HoH it became obvious right away who would be going up on the Block. It wasn’t going to be Ika.

Big Brother Canada 5 – Week 10 Nominations

  • Karen
  • Kevin

No surprises here. They’re up but if, say, Karen wins the Veto then she comes down and it’s Ika and Kevin up. Work through the scenarios and you can see how this could go. If Demetres wins the Veto then it’ll stay the same and Ika picks who goes. Rinse and repeat.

As for that Veto comp, get ready because it’s on the screen that it’s happening tonight, Friday. The pressure is on!

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  1. Big shocker there!
    Come on Kevin, pull out another big win! Veto & get Ika out.
    Not that I don’t like her, and I would TOTALLY prefer Karen to go but, Ika would be the logical choice for Kevin to evict. Clearly I don’t have to explain why 🙂

    • Exactly Ika is pretty much Nicole of Canada5.
      Does anyone need to paint a picture?
      Well apparently Karen needs a photograph with Ika’s name on it that says, “Hey I’m a threat!”

      I don’t like Ika personally (she was kinda rude this season but then again who hasn’t) but honestly I think she deserves to win.

      • Yeah, I agree that Ika deserves to win but I don’t necessarily agree that she deserves to win over Dimitri.
        Yes she has done a lot of things behind the scenes and whatnot however Demetri has also done that, plus he was smart and aligned himself with the vets in the very beginning and he is a comp beast. If it wasn’t for him, Ika would be long gone.

          • Exactly! My husband usually doesn’t watch big brother but the season he did because he plays against Kevin from time to time on online poker. Anyway, he is very levelheaded and can see people for who they are & completely understand their situation. However, he cannot stand Ika. He keeps saying she is a bully! Which is correct! He’s not one to judge anyone, ever! Unless they are not nice people. She’s not a nice person!

    • IKA DESERVES TO WIN WAY MORE THAN ANYONE IN THIS WHOLE SEASON!! SHE has gotten literally everyone out and kevin cant make a sucessful move. i think its fine that karen knows she isnt gonna win. thats not her fault she wont. Kevin has done no moves for himself accept for pulling himself down once. Kevin wont win no matter who he is up against. Karen has a good chane of beating him as no newbies will vote him.

        • William was too stupid to keep that Veto for himself he said keeping Kevin was better for his game how about keeping that Vito to save your game dumbass Ika absolutely horrible person
          Netta even worse people that enjoy being mean to other people She get pie in the face but instead of whip cream ,,dog Poo

          • I wasn’t happy that Ika didn’t get face-whipped Ritter. Why was she so special?

  2. I don’t watch the feeds so let me ask….is there something Kevin has done that is so hateful. I didn’t like what he did with William but Ika and Demetres are just as bad and I can’t even talk about Karen. The only guy I liked was Dillon. So for that I hate Kevin….but they are going after him so I must be missing something.

    • I agree with you on everything aside from hating Kevin because Dillon went home, that was all on Karen! Dillon was her only ally left in the game, (actually the only person that could have brought her to the end) but because she hates “Kevin Martin” so much, she voted out her BFF, her only chance of possibly going to the end! Just to spite Kevin!
      I don’t really watch the live feed either but, I do read a lot of the comments. I believe everyone dislikes Kevin so to speak because of the way he’s played the game.
      But I’m not totally sure what’s going on. I don’t think people “hate” him, again I just think people haven’t like the way he has played the game.
      From what I’ve seen, I think he’s played a good game. Sure he’s lied and what not but don’t they all!? Isn’t that how you play the game! It’s hard not to LOL
      All I know for sure is I cannot stand Karen! She’s mean

      • Karen is not only mean but DUMB. She is a fake, trying to be one of the gang, foul-mouthed at the beginning cuz she thinks using the F-word every other second makes her seem with it… so phony. She is a nasty person and has not demonstrated she would be a trusted friend. Cannot win at anything, still there cuz they know she is not a threat, carried through as a floater who is not a threat in competitions.

    • Besides I think William is over it.
      And nobody called out Kevin when he did the same thing to Johnny in his original season. So I gotta ask? What the heck

  3. Karen should have never been on Big Brother because she was never trying to win the game! It drives me crazy ? when people like Karen play games like BB! Float, ruining HGs game (who truly deserve to be there b/c they ARE trying to win! (& I am not just talking about Kevin but also Dillon & others!) If she was not hating on “Kevin Martin” so much, she still had a chance (although a small chance but still a chance) to make it to F2 with Dillon!!
    Keeping Dillon not only would have been the nice thing to do (since he was the only one to truly be her friend the entire game) but mainly b/c she IS SUPPOSE TO BE PLAYING A GAME TO ***WIN**** Keeping Dillon was her best chance to do what everyone playing this game should be trying to do which is TRYING YOUR BEST to win the freaking game!
    This is not said because I like Kevin, I also like Dimitri & although I want Kevin to win, if it came down to those two in the finals I believe Dimitri should win because he played a better game.
    That’s all 🙂 in my opinion 🙂

  4. I never fully understood Karen’s hatred of Kevin.
    What the heck did Kevin do wrong to rub her the wrong way?
    I mean yeah Kevin threw William under the bus and I think that was a wasted potential of an ally but even William is over it. Heck he’s not as bitter….. I think.

    Also Karen is such an idiot. You would throw away a potential ally just to spite the one guy you hate more than liverwurst. You are a special kind of stupid as far as the game. You might as well give Demika the money (doesn’t matter who wins if that happens) and nothing of value would be lost.

  5. As far as I can see right now on the live feeds, Kevin is drinking coffee and mentally preparing himself for the veto whereas Ika & Dimitri are just hanging out and complaining about how they’re tired. Good!
    “Kevin for Veto” – this would make for an exciting game/entertainment/end!!
    Kevin wins Veto, clearly pulls himself off and vote out Ika. Then the two best players battle it out for F2 & that determines who the best player is!
    If Kevin doesn’t win and goes home then yawn! ? ? Ika & Demetri are F2 because according to Karen, she wants 2 “deserving people” in the final two therefore if she means that, she won’t try and win and will go out third! ? Boring week ahead if Kevin goes home. Just Sayin! Whether you like him or you don’t, it’s going to be boring.

  6. Just heard Kevin Martin won the POV! Yahooooo! Go baby!!
    Also, don’t really go to live feeds often but, as I was just watching….. Ika tells Dem & karen she doesn’t like to be told ‘NO!’
    Too freaking bad girl……. cuz I do think Kevin will finally vote you out! Hahaha! That’ll be NO 3rd time lucky! She’s so full of herself!
    And I just heard karen say she had to eat the most ‘humble pie’ this year! Wth? She’s anything but humble! She’s representing BC & that’s an embarrassment. Good thing she’s not the only BC’er playing!
    Guess…. yes I’m from BC! Lol

    • I’m a black person and I’m in embarrassed by Ika I will give her credit that she’s been slimy enough to stab a few people in the back and get them out of the house without winning a single competition Neda revealed herself to be an equally gross person as Ika is schoolyard bullies too stupid to show a little class keeping in mind the whole freaking nation is watching them
      ika said to Kevin your game can’t match up to mine ???? What game does she have she hasn’t want to damn thing she piggybacked Dumbitri and we all know she’d stick a knife in his back for a wooden nickel then again if everyone stupid enough to let her manipulate her way to the end without winning a single thing horrible person that she is maybe she should win
      Kevin was so stupid not to put up Karen and Dillan was a good guy but holy crap did they cry way too much heavyweight champ of crying maybe and being a big baby man

      • Crying isn’t a sign of weakness……I hear what you’re saying & you’re entitled to your opinion but I think showing emotion is far better than no emotion.

  7. Why does karen keep saying she’s eating humble pie?! She’s anything but humble!
    She’s a whack-job!

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