Big Brother Canada 4: Eviction Prediction In Week 3

Christine and Cassandra face the eviction vote tonight on Big Brother Canada as one of these ladies will join the growing list of evicted women from the BBCAN4 house. So who is going home tonight?

Christine & Loveita discuss the vote on BBCAN4
Christine & Loveita discuss the vote on BBCAN4 – Source: Global

There has been some entertaining back and forth in the way votes looked to be rolling out and now we’ve got a pretty good idea of final decisions and plans for the night’s vote. Loveita probably isn’t going to be happy.

Loveita won’t be pleased when yet again her preferred target stays but that’s the way things are looking and she knows it. Tim was toying with Loveita’s hopes last night as he told her he’d support keeping Christine, but he doesn’t appear to be doing that. Votes are stacking up with just a few still on the keep-Christine side of things including Dallas, Ramsey, and Loveita who doesn’t even have a vote.

With the losing side aware of how this is about to go we could see things shift even more in support of Cassandra as these things usually happen. No one wants to have just voted out someone who could end up winning HoH, right?

Personally, I’m glad we’re keeping Cassandra over Christine. Christine isn’t a bad Houseguest, but Cassandra seems a little more ready to play and play dirty while keeping me entertained, so this is a win for our Feeds. I hope!

What do you want to see happen tonight on Big Brother Canada? Join us back here at 8PM ET for our live coverage!