Big Brother Canada 4: Another HoH Slips Away From Loveita Adams

Loveita has held HoH two out of the three weeks so far in Big Brother Canada, but just as we saw in the first week it seems like this Head of Household is about to slip away from her grip.

Big Brother Canada 4 Houseguest Loveita
Big Brother Canada 4 Houseguest Loveita – Source: Global

Starting out the week it appeared as though we could see Loveita return fire against the Third Wheel and work to break up the alliance of Jared, Kelsey, and Raul. Instead she surprised many with taking aim at Cassandra and Christine with the former as her announced eviction goal. Now just a day away from eviction she looks to have lost the week’s battle.

After convincing Dallas not to use the Veto on Monday Loveita managed to keep Cassandra in the hot seat and headed for eviction, but with so many HGs trying to convince her otherwise about the Veto and better, bigger targets it should have been obvious that this week wouldn’t be so easy.

Instead of responding and reacting to the shift of the house Loveita stuck to her Big Brother guns and insisted that Cassandra be the one to go. Houseguests weren’t convinced that was their best option and soon there were enough talks about the situation that six votes were counted up and Cassandra was seemingly saved.

Last night Loveita appeared to give in to the situation as Mitch noted her relaxed stance was giving him room to shift his vote to keep Cassandra over Christine without concerns of retribution. If this trend continues for the next day then we could have a landslide against Christine.

So here we go again as Loveita, a supporter of girl power, targets two women for eviction and watches as her outspoken eviction goal stays for at least another week. Now she’ll have the eliminations of Paige and Christine as the feathers in her cap going forward instead of larger players in the game.

Do you think Loveita will get what she wants this week? Should Christine’s eviction still be considered a success for Loveita as HoH or was this a squandered opportunity?