Big Brother Canada 4 Week 3: Will The Votes Shift Against The HoH? – Update

The next Big Brother Canada 4 eviction vote is just two days away and there’s a rumbling divide growing between what Loveita, the current HoH, and the rest of the Houseguests want when it comes to the next elimination.

Cassandra worries about the BBCAN4 eviction vote
Cassandra worries about the BBCAN4 eviction vote – Source: Global

With eleven votes up for grabs it’ll take at least six to move against Loveita and her clearly expressed desire for Cassandra to be the next out of the house. Will enough players resist the call of the HoH and do their own thing?

After a few rounds of Veto debates where it looked like the week’s target could change from Cassandra we were back to the HGs doing as Loveita requested which meant keeping the noms the same and moving forward. With such hesitancy from this group I’m cautious to believe they’re fully ready to rebuff the rest of what she’s asking, but it could happen.

Overnight Cassandra sat down with Phil to break out the votes they think they can get to keep her around and send Christine out the door. They counted up Phil/Nick, Kelsey, Raul, Jared, Maddy, and Tim. That’d be six and just enough to make the cut, if they can really rally those votes, but there would be no room for error.

We also got to listen in on Jared and Kelsey discussing what to do with the vote. Jared said they couldn’t stick their necks out for Cassandra if the votes weren’t a sure thing. He isn’t willing to do any pity votes and risk their game.

Now this morning Loveita pulled in Dallas, Joel, and Nick for a talk to squash the idea of Cassandra staying. She’s riled up and doesn’t want to let this happen again as we saw in Week 1 when her target, Kelsey, stuck around and evaded eviction.

With enough pressure from Loveita I wouldn’t be surprised to see this “Save Cassandra” plan fold. I think we’d get more drama out of Cassandra than Christine on the Feeds so I’m hoping they pull it off, but I’m not holding my breath just yet.

What do you think will happen on Thursday? Should a group band together and keep Cassandra around or would it be better to just let this one go and fight another battle?

Update: The tide continues to shift today as talk builds that Cassandra should stay despite Loveita’s open desire for her to be the one out the door. It now sounds more likely that Christine will go, but we are two days out. Will Loveita go 0-2 as HoH? Why do you think she keeps misreading the house and losing these rounds?