Big Brother Canada 4: Veto Plans In Week 3

What a few days of teases from the new HoH Loveita as we’ve watched her toy with our emotions and hopes of big surprise moves before pulling back from the brink of action on Big Brother Canada. Later today the Veto Ceremony will be held and we’re waiting to see which plan gets final approval.

Dallas plots his next move on BBCAN4
Dallas plots his next move on BBCAN4 – Source: Global

The Veto competition was held on Saturday (PoV spoilers here) and since then we’ve heard several different plans for the best move and the chance to take advantage of any sitting duck targets. But will any of those ideas happen or are we just listening to big talk?

Loveita has her nominees in place as Cassandra and Christine after initially toying with the idea of breaking up the trio alliance of the Third Wheel (Raul, Kelsey, and Jared). Interesting choices and none seemingly a particularly strong cases for her best opportunity, but maybe she was just setting things up for a Backdoor? Nope, doesn’t seem like it.

Dallas won the Power of Veto on Saturday and we soon heard talk of taking down one of the current noms to get the brothers, Phil and Nick, up and out of Big Brother Canada 4. Loveita worked things out to shut down that plan with Dallas and the brothers settling their differences, at least on the surface.

Then last night more talk came along of another big move: targeting Jared for eviction. He’s a sitting duck and a potentially huge threat to many of the HGs. Loveita held talks with several HGs and just when it seemed like this new plan might be embraced she shut it down saying she absolutely had to have Cassandra gone this week. Nuts. I’m enjoying Cassandra’s antics!

But wait, there’s more! Mitch revealed to Jared that there was talk of a potential renom and eviction plan with his name on it. That’s got Jared’s wheels spinning and he’s worried. Worried enough that we could see another shift in eviction plans where Cassandra stays and Christine goes.

The Veto Ceremony will be held later today in the Big Brother Canada house and we’ll get your spoilers on those soon. In the meantime, what do you think of all this back and forth? Is Loveita squandering an opportunity? Should Dallas ignore the HoH and force a renom? What would you do if you held that power this week?