Big Brother Canada Results: Who Went Home Last Night On Big Brother Canada? 3/25/15

The choice was in the hands of Big Brother Canada viewers this week for an interesting first. Who would be evicted? Risha or Pilar. Your votes were revealed last night and the first BBCAN3 eviction sent one of those Houseguests home.

Big Brother Canada 3: Pilar vs Risha for eviction
Big Brother Canada 3: Pilar vs Risha for eviction – Source: Global

Our poll put the debate over Pilar Nemer vs Risha Denner at 51/49 which doesn’t leave much room for things getting any closer to that. Either way there will be a lot of disappoint Big Brother Canada fans out there tonight. Thanks a lot, Cindy with an S.

Wednesday night’s episode revealed the results of your votes and the next Houseguest to become the debut Head of Household. Let’s find out what happens next. Watch online at

First “competition” has the HGs holding up giant balloons for five hours each to retrieve one of five combination numbers. If the balloon pops, and we know at least one does, they have to start that one over. The combination opens the vault and releases their clothes, furnishings, and even food.

Arisa tells us the HGs still think they’re going to be voting tonight which should make for a nice surprise as the noms have been busily working the house to draw support over the past few days. Yep, the news comes as big surprise and now we’re about to find out who goes home tonight.

Last night’s episode revealed the results and we found out that…

Risha Denner was evicted from the Big Brother house. She has the unenviable honor of joining the “first out” ranks and will head back home.

Out on the stools Arisa tells Risha it was very, very close and I’d believe it considering our poll had things divided by just one point. But wait, there’s more! Risha might have a way to get back in the house… more on that to come, says Arisa.

Risha is heading to sequester along with the next four HGs evicted this season. There will be a big challenge later and it’s sponsored by KFC, so I’m thinking it’s something about who can eat the most fried chicken. Gotta be that, right?

It’s time for the next Head of Household and it’s endurance, naturally. The HGs have to climb up in glass boxes and hold themselves there. Last player up off the ground is the new HoH. First 8 players to drop will be in the Have Not competition.

Live Feeds are now up, says Arisa, so we might have the HoH results very soon. Nope, no they are not. I’ll keep checking though.

Update: We have your first spoilers of the season! Find out who won HoH tonight.

What do you think of the viewers’ vote results? Which HG would you have rather seen walk out the front door to sit down with host Arisa Cox?