Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Who Won HoH Last Night? 3/25/15

Can’t wait until Sunday to find out who won HoH last night on Big Brother Canada 3? We’ve got your spoiler results right here thanks to the Live Feeds revealing all the details.

Arisa Cox in the Big Brother Canada 3 house
Arisa Cox in the Big Brother Canada 3 house – Source: Global

As the debut eviction episode for BBCAN3 ended last night we were left watching the remaining fifteen HGs prepare for the first endurance HoH competition of the season. They had to hold themselves up in a glass walled chamber with the goal of staying off the ground longer than the rest of their competition. Last person to drop became the new HoH.

Not only that, but the first eight to drop would face off in a Have, Have-Not competition. So that’s an extra bonus to keep yourself going instead of giving up right away. Remember last year when there were prizes for the folks who dropped out early? This time it’s not-so-nice stuff instead.

So who won HoH? Read on for your Big Brother Canada 3 spoilers

Bobby Hlad is the new Head of Household. Congrats to Bobby.

He’ll be making nomination decisions soon so we’ll keep watching in on the Live Feeds and see which way he’s leaning. So far it sounds like Johnny is the target with Godfrey as the pawn, but I don’t think either has an idea of what’s coming their way.

If you were the new BBCAN3 HoH, who would you want up on the nomination block?


    • Dude you forgot its “S”indy not Cindy. Now she’s going to have to tell us another 500 times about it being spelled with an “S” not “c”. Arghhhhhhjhh. Plus remember she said she was going to rip the first persons face off who spelled her name Cindy. Please oh please let “s”Indy be voted off next

  1. Interesting that he’s going after the guys right off the bat – the guys don’t usually go after each other until the end… could be an interesting season. Could be, being the operative phrase here though…

  2. Suggestion for sideshow. When they r talking about the house guests they should show their pictures too.
    Arisa should speak with more authority.

  3. On the side show why poor Arisa is the only one who is always standing in high heels. Common bigbrother canada don’t be so mean.

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