Sharing a house with a lot of people won’t a problem for Big Brother Canada 3 cast member Pilar Nemer as she grew up in a house with ten siblings.

Pilar Nemer - Big Brother Canada 3

The 22-year-old Mexican-born student doesn’t have a strategy going into the BBCAN3 game, however, but does plan to use some of the skills she learned growing up with so many siblings.

She’s also not selling herself too well on challenges, especially mental ones. “I’m really not great at remembering stuff,” Pilar says. “If I don’t pay attention I don’t remember. Who fell first? Who wore a red dress? What’s his name? I don’t know! But the physical will be fine for me. I’m a cheerleader and I play soccer. I’m in good shape and can be fearless.”

And, this is a first, folks, she doesn’t even know what she’d do with the money if she somehow floats by to the end. “I really haven’t thought about it,” she says. “I’m really shocked to even be here.”

So let’s hope we eventually see why she was cast, because her preseason interview has not done a good job selling her. This should be interesting.