Patricia “Risha” Denner is one the sixteen new Big Brother Canada 3 cast members and at 6’1″ and 41-years-old, lets hope her plan wasn’t to fly under the radar.

Patricia Risha Denner - Big Brother Canada 3

It sounds like the Toronto waitress is well aware that she won’t be flying under any radars and in fact, plans to undersell her height to seem less intimidating. “The people who go in with a set strategy are not realizing that there are other people in the house who are going to throw a wrench in to their plans,” Risha says. “You have to adjust to your environment. Also, I’m tall (6’1) and I know that might be intimidating to people so I’ll be sure to show people my nurturing and caring side – I’ll play the big sister.”

She also says she’s ready for any kind of challenge producers might throw at her. Unless it involves heights, ironically.

“I played sports growing up,” she says. “I think I’ll be OK even for the endurance challenges. My only fear is heights – that’s God’s ironic joke on me. The mental challenges won’t be a problem either. I was in the hospitality industry for years.”

And like most people, if she wins the grand prize, Risha plans to help her family, specifically her niece, and do some traveling.