Big Brother Canada 3 Spoilers: Week 5 Veto Competition Results

This week’s Power of Veto competition is over for Big Brother Canada 3 after being held during a long blackout of the Feeds. Again. This time though when things returned we had the Veto winner and an evicted Houseguest back in the game.

Big Brother Canada Power of Veto
Big Brother Canada Power of Veto – Source: Slice

The HoH’s plan was to set up the whole house to be expecting and wanting the Veto to be used for a backdoor. One side thought Kevin was the target and the other thought Bruno or Bobby was the target. So how did all that work out?

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Zach Oleynik won the Power of Veto this week.

That should give Zach the chance to use the Veto to save Jordan and renom Bruno or Bobby just like he planned, right? Nope.

Zach has chickened out and thinks it’s too soon to go after the guys who are secretly planning to go after him. Good choice. Instead Zach wants to leave the noms the same and get Godfrey evicted.

Now that the returning HG twist is over, spoilers on that here, they don’t have to worry about anyone coming back for revenge.

Of course there’s potential trouble here for Zach and Jordan as there’s always a chance for things to shift and the wrong person go home. Is that really a risk Newport wants to take?

What do you hope to see happen at the Veto Ceremony?