Big Brother Canada 3 Spoilers: Evictees Competition Revealed To Houseguests [PICS]

We knew it was coming, but the Big Brother Canada Houseguests sure didn’t! While the HGs were sitting around in the living room suddenly the screen flashed to life and the curtain was pulled back.

Ashleigh is shocked by the returning BBCAN3 HG
Ashleigh is shocked by the returning BBCAN3 HG – Source: Global

Yes, there were the previously evicted Houseguests swinging away on the competition designed to send one of them back in to the house. All the HGs screamed and excitedly ran over to watch what they could. Soon the Feeds cut off but when they returned the HGs were plotting their next move.

Many were nervous, especially Brittnee who had just orchestrated Graig’s elimination, but Sarah was excited at the chance for Naeha to come back and help them overtake the guys.

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Soon the Feeds will be down again and we’ll wait to find out what happens and who won the comp to get back in the game. We’ll also learn who won the Power of Veto competition which will decide a lot in Zach’s plan to surprise attack Bruno and Bobby.

All remaining Houseguests have agreed to make this a revolving door week, but heck we already know who the HoH’s target is so that’s not going to happen, right?

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