Big Brother Canada 3 Feeds Set To Go Dark For Returning HG

Heads up that the Big Brother Canada 3 Live Feeds will go dark for most of Friday as the House prepares for a big series of competitions.

Big Brother Canada 3 House preview
Big Brother Canada 3 House – Source: Global

With the evicted Houseguests preparing for a chance to get back in the house production has been actively building in the backyard, but that won’t be the only comp today. BBCAN has warned viewers things will be down for two comps which must mean the second is the Veto comp.

These are both going to be seriously important as the Head of Household is hanging his big plans on the Veto falling in to cooperating hands. Of course that means if we want to see things go upside down then we better hope for someone willing to sit on the power to win it.

Feeds are still up at the moment but once they’re out this should last most of the day. BBCAN has promised we’ll get them back tomorrow and be set for the rest of the weekend ahead of Sunday’s episode.