Big Brother Canada 3 – Nomination Anticipation In Week 5

There is a new Head of Household on Big Brother Canada 3 after last night’s elimination and that means nominations are heading our way. Talks on the Feeds have revealed an interesting shift for noms with the real target staying hidden for now.

Willow, Ashleigh, & Zach make plans on BBCAN3
Willow, Ashleigh, & Zach make plans on BBCAN3 – Source: Global

We had already heard who the other side of the house was planning to target if they had control. Now that’s worked out we’re just waiting to see what approach they take to make it happen.

Originally the idea had been to go straight for the shot by putting Bruno and Bobby on the block for fear of Bobby getting the Veto and rescuing Bruno. Someone got cold feet on that though and has a new idea: pawns.

Jordan, oh Jordan. He has offered his services as a pawn to go up against Godfrey and let the team take a few days to figure out if they want to vote out Bruno or Bobby. Zach worries Bruno could rally the troops better which makes him an ideal target while keeping Bobby as a Plan B.

Who knows for sure how the returning player will impact the game, but if they come in and align with the weaker side maybe we could see something interesting happen. Especially if Jordan is nuts enough to put himself up on the block. Oh Jordan I hope this doesn’t blow up in your face.


  1. Jordan is way too comfortable.. I hope this blows up in his face. Also I don’t know how I feel about someone coming back. The former houseguest do know about the Chop Shop thanks to Graig. If Risha, Sindy, and Naeha come back, Bruno and Bobby’s game will be ruined because they can expose the Chop Shop. Once again BBCAN is ruining people’s game, they should have sequestered each of them individually.

    • Yep, letting them mingle while in sequester is BS if someone is coming back. And you know they do it to be cheaper in the cost. If they have to let them live together then fine, no one can come back. It’s bull.

    • That’s the whole point. Besides everyone was told they would have a chance to get back in the game so if they want to keep secrets or maintain loyalties, they don’t have to spill the beans. I’ve also seen people flip on alliance members during the show causing one of them to reveal alliances and I’ve seen nominees and/or evictees rat out alliances on eviction night when they know they are either going to be evicted or have been evicted…so what’s the difference? That’s always the risk of joining a large alliance.

      • That’s not the point that I am making. My point is, Risha, Sindy, Naeha, and Johnny all know about the Chop Shop AFTER they were evicted. I am under the impression that a few of the current houseguest that are still in the house don’t know about the Chop Shop. What I am trying to say is why would the producers keep them in 1 house together where they can share information they didn’t know while they were in the house. Now if either one of the 4 houseguests that I mentioned were to return they could easily expose the Chop Shop which can ruin a few people’s game. That is why I find it unfair.

        • Maybe I need to watch again but when was the chop shop exposed to the evicted house guests also how do you know they’ve all been sequestered together. Houseguests have been sequestered away from each other before so I don’t see why they wouldn’t keep them away from each other this early on the show.

          • If you saw last night’s episode you would know that the houseguests were sequestered together. Talking game, and Graig exposed the Chop Shop. Johnny also knows about the Chop Shop based on his post eviction interviews.

  2. What usually happens to the one’s that come back…they just go out the door again. Haven’t seen anyone that came back last more than 2 weeks!

    • Gary from season 1 was evicted and made it to final 2 but there were like four people left when he came back so I think it was unfair for him to come back so late in the game.

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