Big Brother Canada 3 Spoilers: Week 5 Nomination Results

The latest spoilers for Big Brother Canada are in and we’ve got the details on who was nominated by the new Head of Household.

Big Brother Canada 3 nominations
Big Brother Canada 3 nominations – Source: Global

When the HoH results were known the rest of the pieces were obvious. Well, at least to us Feedsters, but apparently not to this week’s targets.

Find out who officially went up on the block for the latest round of nominations.

New Head of Household Zach was ready to go after Bruno and Bobby but they decided to use decoys instead because that always works out great, right?

Big Brother Canada 3 – Week 4 Nominations:

  • Godfrey
  • Jordan

Neither of these noms are the target so someone will have to use the Veto to make things happen. Otherwise this could blow up in Newport’s face and leave Jordan in the danger zone come eviction night. Not to mention we still don’t know how the returning evictee is going to play in to this.

What do you hope will happen next? Veto Competition should be coming up this weekend and that settles a lot of discussions once we know for sure if one of these noms will come down.

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  1. Zach is putting a lot faith on who wins the veto….this could definitely backfire on him and his tight alliances…especially with a returnee coming back to the house!

  2. I would LOVE to see Jordan go home this week for the simple fact that he made a brainless blunder acting too comfortable and volunteering to go on the block. Somehow I would like to see him go this week.

  3. If noms stay the same I think they have the votes to evict Godfrey, so Jordan will be safe. I was hoping to see a Britney/Ashliegh catfight, but that doesn’t look like its going to happen

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