Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Who Returned From Eviction? Results!

The evicted Houseguests so far on Big Brother Canada 3 faced off in an endurance competition yesterday to determine which of the five would return to the game for a second chance at the Brick gift card and a lifetime supply of detergent. Feeds returned this morning and we have the spoilers.

Jordan and Willow react to evicted HGs competing
Jordan and Willow react to evicted HGs competing – Source: Global

When we last saw the remaining Houseguests they were relaxing in their habitat when the screens flashed video of the first five evictees competing in a swinging endurance comp. We saw Risha, CindyWithAnS, Naeha, Graig, and Johnny hanging and swinging in hopes of returning to the game.

Sindy Nguyen won the returning BBCAN3 HG competition and is back in the game.

Well, not my first pick. Or even my third pick, but that’s what we got. Sindy could align with the girls and she’s a smart player, but she’s kinda tough to root for, even with an S.

We last saw Sindy making out with Jordan so if she senses his side has the power that may be an easier arrangement for her to slide in to rather than aligning with the faltering side especially if she’s gun shy about repeating her previous aggressive play mistakes.

If Sidney adds herself to the dominant side of the house then this was a double bust. We’ll have to wait and see.

Are you excited to have Sindy back on Big Brother Canada 3? Who did you hope would win this competition?