Big Brother Canada 11 Episode 25 Recap: Will Ty Win The Veto Again?

Big Brother Canada 11-Ty and Claudia

Ty has pretty much become the Veto king of Big Brother Canada 11. Tonight we will see if Ty can bring his Veto wins to five and break a record by winning four Vetoes in a row. This could become a historical night for Ty. However, it could become a devastating night for someone else, because Ty could repeat history and make the HOH put up her own ally.

On the Big Brother Canada 11 double eviction, we witnessed Ty use the Veto to force Claudia to nominate one of her friends. Daniel and Anika want to trust Ty, but he has made it clear that he’s playing his own game. Therefore, he could end up using the Veto. This would force Anika to nominate her best friend Daniel. Then Ty basically holds the power to evict whoever he sees fit.

The Big Brother Canada 11 Week 8 Power of Veto Competition and Ceremony will be a major part of tonight’s episode. However, there may be some other twists and turns during this episode. Let’s watch and find out.

BBCAN11 Week 8 Nominations Fall-Out

How will Renee and Claudia react to going up on the Block? Will we get another argument from the BBCAN11 houseguests?

Renee knows that Ty isn’t the most reliable ally for her, so she isn’t completely confident in him. Daniel also isn’t completely sure that Ty will be loyal to Anika and him. He wants to name their alliance to make him feel more secure about working with them.

They decide on The Agency.

Claudia really likes Ty on a personal level but she still isn’t sure about him in the game, especially with what happened in the Veto. She needs a sign to prove that he’s really with her.

Renee tries to talk to Anika about her plans. She reassures her that Claudia is her target, bur if Claudia wins Veto, she isn’t sure. She admits that she doesn’t want to evict Ty. Then Renee asks if she’s sure about keeping Claudia and Ty together. Anika shares this conversation with Ty.

BBCAN11 Week 8 Power of Veto Competition

Who will win the Veto?

For this Veto Competition, the houseguests must roll around on a vacuum hamster wheel to pick up puzzle pieces. They must pick them up in a certain order or they will get a 2 minute penalty. The person to collect and assemble their puzzle fastest wins the Veto.

Anika is allowed to play, despite being the HOH, because there are only five people left. The winner also receives $5,000.

5- Anika



2- Daniel


Ty wins the Power of Veto with about four minutes faster than Daniel.

Daniel immediately worries that Ty will use the Veto to save Claudia, forcing him up on the Block. He wants Anika to tell Ty that she will change the target to keep him from using it.

Ty lets Anika know that he plans to use the Veto on Claudia. He asks her why she’s fixated on Claudia. She says because she is better at competitions. She calls him out for doing the same thing he just did to Claudia. He promises her that Renee is going now, but he still wants to use the Veto.

He also tells Daniel that he plans to use the Veto. He says in the Diary Room that he must act like he trust Ty now so he isn’t evicted by him. Ty then talks to Renee about what she said to Anika about leaving Ty and Claudia together.

Now Ty tries to use this information to claim it’s proof that he can’t trust Renee and go to the final three with her. Renee then promises him her loyalty and declares war on Anika.

Ty puts Anika and Renee in the same room to get to the truth. It works for Renee because Ty starts to question if Anika is really honest and trustworthy. He starts to wonder if he should keep Renee in the game.

BBCAN11 Week 8 Power of Veto Ceremony

Will the Veto be used this week to save either Claudia or Renee? Will Anika be forced to nominate her best friend?

Ty uses the Veto on Claudia. Daniel goes up by default.

Other Stuff

Will the Wendy’s points come into play tonight?

  • No the Wendy’s points were not shown this episode.

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