Big Brother Canada 11 Spoilers: An Early Eviction And The Wendy’s Points Come Into Play

Big Brother Canada 11 Spoilers: Daniel, Anika, and Claudia

We got a short Digital Daily today that basically gave us nothing too concrete about the upcoming eviction. However, the short video showed us a little more about who may be evicted this week in the Big Brother Canada 11 game. It also revealed that the first eviction of the week happened on Tuesday and the likely purpose of the Wendy’s points.

All week, Ty has been expertly playing both sides of the house. Renee and Claudia think that he’s true to them, and Daniel and Anika think that they have his loyalty. In reality, he’s still playing the game by himself and will do whatever it takes to get himself closer to that Big Brother Canada 11 winner title. Whoever he decides to keep this week has less to do with loyalty and more to do with his path to victory.

Originally, it seemed like Ty wanted to keep Renee and take out Daniel. Now it seems like he’s leaning toward taking out Renee. Mainly, because Daniel at least showed some loyalty to him by saving him with the Invisible Veto, aka the only time he might have actually been evicted. He’s also worried the women may team up and get him out if he’s the last guy left.

However, who Ty decides to evict still seems unclear. Claudia also has a vote this week because he saved her with the Veto. Nevertheless, Ty’s decision weighs more this week, because if he decides to split the vote, Anika has the choice and will send out Renee. If he decides to vote with Claudia, then they determine who stays or goes. However, Ty will have to make a decision fast because on the screen in the Big Brother Canada 11 house, it announced that eviction will be tomorrow. The Digital Dailies operate a day behind, so tomorrow for them is our today. So this week’s eviction has likely already happened.

Big Brother Canada 11-Claudia and Ty

This is a bit of a surprise because based on previous seasons, I expected a surprise eviction on Monday to take us to the final three. This week’s eviction happening so early may mean that the next eviction will happen anywhere between Thursday and Monday. My guess is it will happen on Friday or Saturday.

This gives the houseguests plenty of time to play the HOH competition and final Veto. The HOH Competition will likely happen today after the eviction, nominations will happen on Wednesday, Veto on Thursday, and then a Friday or Saturday eviction, taking us to the final three. The first two parts of the final HOH then may play out over the weekend as well.

The Big Brother Canada official social media pages haven’t made any announcements yet about the Digital Dailies. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t get another one until after Thursday’s eviction.

If the Digital Dailies return Friday, we likely will have a lot of information, including the HOH and Veto winners. Despite this being an accelerated week, I think the episodes will air as normal with the eviction of Renee or Daniel airing on Thursday.

One thing we may also see on the Wednesday or Thursday episode is Wendy’s points segment playing out. Claudia and Ty had a conversation where they mentioned a Wendy’s auction. Therefore, I believe the houseguests were able to use their points to bid on prizes. Claudia and Ty mentioned trips and money, so it seems like all or most of the auction items were for prizes and money. A few may have been for game advantages, but the majority seem luxuries related.

Big Brother Canada 11-Final Five houseguests

Ty had the most Wendy’s points, so he will likely gain the most prizes or at least the best prizes from the auction.

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