Big Brother Canada 11 Spoilers: The Houseguest Who Was Likely Evicted Is…

Big Brother Canada 11-Renee and Claudia

Tuesday night ended in a Big Brother Canada 11 eviction. We know this because the houseguests were warned about it on Monday with it appearing on the screen in the living room. However, Wednesday’s Digital Daily shows the actions that happen prior to the eviction. Therefore, we didn’t see the aftermath of it. This means that we don’t know who the houseguests not on the Bock decided to evict. Additionally, we also don’t know the current Head of Household.

Most likely, we’ll find out all of this on tomorrow’s Digital Daily. However, there are enough details on the Digital Daily from Tuesday to figure out where the eviction vote leaned going into the eviction. Ty has been playing the game minute to minute since Zach’s self-eviction, which means he’s been going with his instincts more than planning his next move. 

He’s in a constant state of survival mode.

At the start of the week, it seemed like he was going to take out Daniel, partly to avenge Kuzie, but now that doesn’t seem to be the case. He’s gone back to his original setting of wanting Renee out of the house.

He will get his wish this week.

It’s unclear if Claudia will vote her out too, but it doesn’t really matter. If Ty splits the votes, the power to evict goes to the Head of Household Anika. She will vote out Renee. Ty even told Renee that there is no chance that he changes his mind to keep her in the game. He’s determined to send her out of the game. Daniel is safe for now, and he may be safe enough to already have earned a spot in the final three.

Big Brother Canada 11-Renee

Right now, Anika is looking like the next person who will be evicted, unless Daniel or her win the final Power of Veto, but the odds are not in their favor. Both Daniel and Anika have only won one competition. Claudia has won two and we lost count of how many competitions Ty has won at this point. 

One of the things Ty promised Renee is that he will take out Anika next. He clearly wants Daniel in the final two because he’s scared of the women joining together to take out him as the final man in the game. He’s even told Renee that is one of the reasons that he has decided to evict her this week.

He wants to sit in the final two with Claudia. However, Ty picking Claudia may not be a great move, because right now he’s burning a lot of jury votes if he does make it to the end. He isn’t sending Renee out of the game making her feel great about him.

She will definitely give Claudia her vote over him. Additionally, she may even give Daniel her vote over him. Then Shanaya and Jonathan are also likely not voting for him to win. Some other players are probably on the fence, like Daniel S. Therefore, Ty’s jury management skills may come back to bite him even if he does make it to the final two.

Big Brother Canada 11-Ty and Renee

But back to the eviction. Renee is almost 100 percent gone from the game at this point unless Daniel does something major to change Ty’s vote. However, Ty is a stubborn player, so if he decides on something, it’s nearly guaranteed. 

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