Tonight On Big Brother Canada 4: Head of Household & Nominations In Week 2

Last week’s Big Brother Canada 4 premiere wrapped up on Thursday with its first eviction and a gap in control of the house as the show ended without a new Head of Household. Tonight we’ll see how that comp turned out plus the latest nominations ceremony.

Big Brother Canada 4 on Global
Big Brother Canada 4 – Source: Global

Along with the cliffhanger of the next HoH we were left watching Tim and Nikki enter the BBCAN4 house as the new Wild Card Houseguests and we’ll see more of how that goes over with tonight’s show on Global starting at 7/6c.

Kelsey dodged eviction as we said goodbye to Paige on Thursday, just a day after we watched her move in. Now Loveita and company will feel the pressure of their plan gone wrong and need to scramble to recover.

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Tonight’s show will cover the next HoH comp and nominations ceremony while we’ll be waiting for Veto events on Wednesday’s show. If you can’t wait until then we’ve got your spoilers here from the Live Feeds. Plenty has been going on with some decent potential for a divided house and opposing sides struggle. Fingers crossed that it keeps down that path.

Join us back here tonight at 7PM ET for a live chat about the show and we’ll enjoy it together. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email Updates for even more Big Brother Canada coverage.


    • To put it (maybe) in perspective, she a TV personality and she was on the Celebrity edition of BBUK.

        • No, I haven’t, that all I know about her. I bet James could probably tell you everything about her. Where is James ?

        • She is always intense in the DR. but she mellowed down a bit when she came in as an intruder last year but it doesn’t necessarily mean she lost any of her spunk.

          • Well, she’s not boring I can tell you that. Acting or not, she says some funny stuff.

      • She started in the civilian edition. She came back as an all-star during the show’s all star season (and the last season that aired on Channel 4 in the UK before moving to a new network, Channel 5). Her most recent stint was being an intruder last season.

        • Thanks for the info. I knew you would know. I thought I read she was in the celebrity version, but I can’t remember where I read that. Obviously that was wrong.

      • She started in the civilian edition. She came back as an all-star during the show’s all star season (and the last season that aired on Channel 4 in the UK). Her most recent stint was being an intruder last season.

  1. 135,000 $. But remember in Canada, they don’t have to pay taxes on that prize. The stipend is considered income though.

  2. Tim is a great addition to the show! Nikki, I’m a little concerned about how she’s going to manage if she stays a long time and the house lol her breakdown in the diary room on tonight’s episode was comical! Is she for real? Or is that an act?? And I still really do not like Maddie, it’s just a gut instinct. She seems super negative! Is that a good assumption or am I wrong? So far this season Ho Hum! Pretty predictable so far, not sure what’s going on behind the scenes, but nothing dramatic or exciting on tonight’s episode.

    • Look at all the sympathy and comforting Nikki got from everyone on her meltdown, that was her plan – it was totally and act. I so agree with you about Maddy I wouldn’t trust her as far as I could throw her. Sure was fun watching her get pelted with all that paint or whatever it was, she never looked better.

      • Bwahahahahaaaa it was hilarious watching her get pelted by the paint! I wish I was the one throwing them lol
        Yeah, wasn’t Nicki already on Big Brother UK 4 times? I would have thought it was an “act” if she didn’t seem to be as dumb as a bag of rocks! You know what I mean? Lol
        I have never watched anything aside from Big Brother and Big Brother Canada, it would be interesting to watch some of the others, I didn’t know they were play differently and they were voted out by the public! I bet you they are a lot more fun! Probably a lot of drinking and a lot more drama & a lot of hookups…. lol kind of like the first couple of seasons of Big Brother US….
        You should read my post I posted just after this one. It is long, sorry but worth the read, in my opinion anyway:-)

        • One of the two brothers, (Nichola), really likes Nikki and seems to be quite smitten with her. To each their own eh? I did read your long post and I’m still digesting it but first blush, I’m sorry but I don’t think not knowing what the contestants are competing for is a good idea. Still reading the rest of you post, will get back to you. Have a good day 🙂

          • No no, they will be told the game and what they are playing for. It would just be nice to have a bunch of people in the house who have not watched every BB since the beginning, or even the middle or even end lol

          • Yeah, I saw that Nick seems to have taken a liking with Nicky. I’m not sure if it’s physical / emotional or if it’s just her being off her rocker so entertainment for him lol
            Not sure if you got my reply earlier about my suggestion of having the next big brother full of people who never watched the show. But, to be clear I do think they can find at least 15 people who want to try and win a lot of money! Regardless if they watch TV or not, I know a lot of people would not be interested but, I know a lot would be. And they would all be told all of the rules, what happens each week and about the prizes. Everything will be known to them just like the first season of Big Brother in the US, it would be a completely new game to these people therefore back to how it used to be, just like how Survivor used to be also. Now on BB, survivor, and other reality TV shows that are a game and are being played for money, everyone knows what to do, and they are creating alliances on day 1 and creating big alliances whether they are strong or not , they are initially so it’s getting pretty predictable. You know what I mean? I am mean, I would think shows like Big Brother and survivor would have already thought of what I said/ suggested so maybe there’s a reason they don’t do this, haven’t done it after mation mark I just think it would be a lot of fun to watch again 🙂 I am going to watch Big Brother Australia & Big Brother UK (at least.) Well…. After Big Brother Canada 4… I’ve never seen any BBs aside from US and Canada and because Tim said, they are played differently, the public votes and what not so that would be interesting to see. And even something big brother in the States or in Canada could do also. Change it up so we can vote who goes home 🙂 I am all for good changes in these types of shows because they do become repetitive and very predictable, I would love to see a big change! That twists are not enough, not yet anyway. Last season they had a huge hype on having the first transgender person in the house, look where that got them! Plus, I didn’t think that would make the game / show anymore or any less interesting … This season they say “Never done on any big brother in history” & crack it up to be something HUGE but realistically, its not that huge of a twist. Its neat but it’s not enough for me personally. So big deal, two players are from another country! Is that really going to turn the game upside down?! Of course not . &, two brothers playing together as one , who cares! Still not good enough in my opinion . Anyway blah blah blah 🙂 clearly you can see I like to discuss! Haha take care ???? and again, I am sorry for yap Yap yapping!! I hope I’m not driving you crazy and I will try and keep it shorter 🙂 take care XO ????????????

      • That’s totally true, she did get a lot of sympathy. From what I saw anyways however, a lot of the women in the house seem very biatchy and out to get each other so we shall see what goes on and what is said about Nikki
        I did watch a few minutes of Big Brother after dark last night and Nicki seemed upset about something? Something that was taken the wrong way that she said?
        And it looks like Nick has taken a liking to Nikki. I’m not sure if it’s physical attraction but he is definitely entertained by her.

  3. ***LONG READ but would love to hear your thoughts***
    So we know that Big Brother Canada is good with their twists & what not thus far & adding Nicki and Tim was something never done in Big Brother history (good but NOTHING outrageously exciting! In my opinion! They are definitely entertaining and it is a good twist but……..)
    This is what I think Big Brother needs to do this summer to really make it a whole new experience! For the viewers, the HGS & even production lol
    (Below is what I think would be so much fun to watch on Big Brother! And definitely be outside the box of any returning gametype reality show!) Let me know your thoughts!!

    Although I know it will be difficult, they need to find people to go into the house that have NEVER seen big brother! At all! People who know nothing about it and when they get picked, they cannot watch any previous big brother episodes, zero!! I know this will be a difficult task but certainly not impossible! Yes, reality TV is everywhere but, lie detector tests or something to ensure they really are people who have never seen big brother? There HAVE to be 15 or so people in their early twenties who have not seen it . Our daughter is 19 years old & she has never watched any reality TV shows!!! She never, ever watches TV! (She is the polar opposite of her mother lol) Taylor has never seen Big Brother & that is a fact! She has maybe seen a few episodes here and there of Survivor when she was much younger but aside from that nothing! She has no interest in TV at all. In fact about a year ago she gave us her TV and cable box back because it was just “taking up space in her room!”….Selecting people and then putting them in sequester until the season starts? Ideally it would SO ENTERTAINING to have all the HGS this summer on BBC US to have never watched ANY reality TV shows, especially Survivor and shows like that where they know they need to make alliances right away. This is not impossible to do! I am sure it won’t be easy to find these people but, this would be a first and it would be so raw and so entertaining! In my opinion!! What do you think? Impossible? Unrealistic? Or such a good idea? So entertaining? I think it would be the best big brother in a very, very long time! And I’m sure I’m not the first person to ever say this but…. but maybe I should pitch this for Big Brother this summer?!? or at the very least Big Brother Canada 5?!?! Maybe my daughter can go in the Big Brother house in 2017 ha-ha I highly doubt she would ever do that!! But……..

    (PS. Sorry for the mini novel lol but, I had to explain it in full) ?????

    • & I didn’t know Big Brother Australia and Big Brother UK? Were played differently. Public votes people out and not a lot of game. They should try that here. Switch it up again! Do something completely different then they have been doing for the past 17? Seasons in the US…… probably a lot of drinking, hookups, good arguments and drama! Just what we want right? Kind of like the first few seasons of Big Brother here, well in the US cuz I’m from Canada lol watching people get drunk and make fools of themselves, hookups and drama! Perfect lol although I do watch and will always watch each season, I would love to see a big change like that.

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