Big Brother Canada 4: Alliances In Week 2

Big Brother Canada 4 is only in its second week but things are running full speed for alliances, deal making, and plenty of deceit inside the BBCAN house. Here are the latest alliances from the Live Feeds.

Ramsey and Loveita on Big Brother Canada 4
Ramsey and Loveita on Big Brother Canada 4 – Source: Global

After last week’s voting between nominees Kelsey and Paige the lines were drawn on the house and while some of them have blurred in the days since the core groups have not made large shifts from where they were.

Voting last week had Dallas, Maddy, Sharry, and Ramsey going against Kelsey while the rest of the house took out Paige. That’s where we still stand today with the divisions, but with Loveita and Sharry on the Block the other three have distanced themselves from the pair. Not only that but Dalles, Maddy, and Ramsey are working to appear separated from each other while secretly remaining connected.

That leaves Cassandra, Christine, Jared, Joel, Kelsey, Mitchell, and Nick/Phil grouped on the other side of the house. As subset of that group has Jared, Kelsey, and Raul working very closely as a dubbed “Third Wheel” alliance. With Jared as the current HoH they’re pretty much controlling things at the moment, but Jared’s power is about to expire with the Veto Ceremony so we’ll see where things go from there.

As for the Wild Cards, Nikki and Tim, they’ve done a great job of staying neutral and hanging around with all sides. No reason for them to plant a flag just yet but they’ll soon have to make an important decision with Big Brother announcing those two will be voting this Thursday.

Which way do you want to see the power shift next week? Should the targeted side this week regain power to balance it back again or did they misplay the game too much the first week and deserve to be picked off?

Things can change fast though with these alliances. You should follow Big Brother Junkie @89razorskate20 for his alliance charts which are excellent guides and reminders.