Big Brother Canada Results: Who Went Home Last Night On BBCAN4? 3/3/2016

We’ve discovered which Wild Card Houseguests would join the BBCAN4 cast and who went home last night on Big Brother Canada. It’s a shame to lose someone this soon, but after being in the house for a week I’m sure they’re ready to send someone out!

Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox
Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox – Source: Global

The season just kicked off on Wednesday but the Houseguests have been at it for a week now and were still waiting on the mysterious arrival of the Wild Card twist that they may still know only a little about. We, however, know it’ll either be Tim or Jase and either Nikki or Veronica heading on into the game tonight. Lots of fun ahead.

Once we get through this choppy for first episodes the season should hit its normal routine with a new Head of Household, nominees, and all the works heading our way. We’ll also get the Live Feeds debuting later tonight so get ready for that fun too. Be sure to join us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email Updates for all the latest Big Brother Canada 4 spoilers and results.

Nominations – Week 1:

  • Kelsey
  • Paige

Before the nominations Loveita informs Paige she’s just the target and once the ceremony is over she’s very open to Kelsey that she’s the main target. Girl power here, huh? Looking back we could even see Loveita’s entire nomination “Short List” was all-female with Kelsey, Cassandra, Christine, and Paige.

Remember how Sidney had the choice to name the renom last season in the first week and instead of sticking with the girls she renom’d another girl? Oh these ladies.

Power of Veto Comp – Week 1:

  • Nick wins the PoV

The brothers decide to not use the Veto and will leave the noms in place.

Power of Veto Ceremony – Week 1:

  • Nick does not use the Veto

Now Kelsey has to start working her best assets to keep herself in the game. Paige doesn’t seem interested in playing that same kind of game. Who is going home?


    • I still think Kelsey would go home by a landslide, but she should be fortunate that she got two sympathy votes

  1. Wow, that was a surprising eviction!!!!!
    But seriously though, who hates the line “you have been given an early checkout… blah blah blah”
    There’s a reason why they are called EVICTions

  2. I didn’t even watch tonights episode yet! But already I’m reading the spoilers lol I have no patience! ?

    The noms were NOT a surprise to me.. I knew she would nominate 2 pretty girls! A lot of the women this season already seem to be insecure & not liking female competition!! ????? It will be very interesting to see their reactions when Nikki enters the house! Sorry ladies, you got rid of one “cute girl” & now an even “cuter girl” is here! & she is safe for a week!” Bahahahahaaaaa

    Ohhhhh & HELLO EVERYONE ?? ‘See’ y’all Sunday!

    PS. I will try VERY hard to keep from writing novels & just stick to a few small paragraphs! ??

      • Looks like Tom has settled in? Possibly made alliances already? I saw a little bit of big brother after dark last night and Tom seem to be right in there with everyone.Nikki? I didn’t see much of her, I skipped through a lot of it but I did see her and Tom talking about traveling. That’s it!
        Do you know why Gary is not on Big Brother sideshow anymore??? Something scandalous? Or boring? Lol sorry captain! So far you are my only friend from the past and current lol lol

        • Tim, not Tom. LOL

          I have no idea why Gary left (or was fired). On the Side Show, Arisa only said that he decided to move on to other project and left it at that. But I don’t really care, I found him boring. I never found that he was contributing anything interresting. Lets give her a few weeks to get up to speed, but Sarah didn’t do much in the 1st show. We’ll see.

          • Yeah I know, I figured it out last night when I was watching a little bit of Big Brother after dark. Tim Tom whatever lol
            Yeah, I finally watched Big Brother sideshow after I was on here. I really am not the brightest star in the sky lol for some reason I thought Sarah was the Sarah from Big Brother one or two? The mom, young and pretty in my opinion πŸ™‚ and then she came out, Sarah the winner of last season and I was like duh…. I’m actually having a lot of personal memory loss, old age lol not! But my memory is really bad lately so I wasn’t even thinking of that Sarah! I prefer the other Sarah, I really like her! Oh well. We shall see how she does, nothing that great yet and I agree about Gary, no loss there.
            Thank you as always πŸ™‚

  3. & what is up with Jase??? I have a terrible memory but, my recollection of his season on Big Brother was nothing like the person he is today! What’s up with his hair? And overuse of steroids? Lol he looks terrible!
    I am happy my two picks made it into the house! Tim seems like a total character and he hopefully will bring a lot of excitement to the house! Anyways I guess I should go watch the second episode lol

    • Me too, what I remember of Jase, I didn’t think he was a good choice. And yes his hair look awful.

      • Yes, I’m really happy Tom made it in. I’m totally behind on my spoilers and gossip. Are there any good alliances yet? If so whom? If you don’t mind writing it all out for me lol just curious if there are alliances and how strong they are. I just read that jared put up Sherry and Loveita. No surprise there!

        • I haven’t had the time to watch the live feeds yet. So I don’t know much more than you. Since we only starting the second week, we will probably start learning more in the next 2 shows (tonight and wednesday).

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