Big Brother Canada 4 Wild Card: Viewers Vote On 2 Houseguests [POLL]

Big Brother Canada 4 is set to introduce an all new twist to the franchise with its reveal today of opening its doors to two of four potential former Big Brother Houseguests from around the world. Now the fans are voting to decide which two will head inside.

Big Brother Canada 4 Wild Card HG Twist
Big Brother Canada 4 Wild Card HG Twist – Source: Global

Earlier today the polls opened for BBCAN fans to vote in support of one man and one woman to enter the game with just ten days worth of voting to make it happen. The results are set to announced during the premiere week for Big Brother Canada this season.

Yes, there are four HGs up for voting, but the choice is really two separate votes on two options each. Either Jase (BBUS) or Tim (BBAU) and either Nikki (BBUK) or Veronica (BBIT) will enter the game. There’s no chance of it being Tim and Jase or Veronica and Nikki.

So who are you going to vote to pick? Voting is open now at Global’s website but if you need an intro or refresher, here are the quick bio details on these potential Big Brother Canada 4 cast members.

Jase Wirey (Big Brother US – Seasons 5 and 7): Jase is instantly recognizable to any Big Brother fan from the popular US version of the show and is still the only houseguest to win the first Head of Household in multiple seasons.

Tim Dormer (Winner Big Brother Australia – Season 10): Tim is one of Australia’s biggest reality TV stars. As the Season 10 winner of Big Brother Australia, he’s charmed audiences and houseguests alike.

Veronica Graf (Big Brother Italy – Season 13): Veronica is the most famous and most talked about Italian houseguest ever. Although commonly seen as a sexy Playboy bunny (she posed in the Italian edition of the magazine), she has also studied business and economics.

Nikki Grahame (Big Brother UK – has played in a total of five seasons): Nikki Grahame is quite simply a Big Brother franchise icon, and she’ll be the first to make that known! Her behaviour – most notably her epic diary room temper tantrums – is legendary.

While I’ve heard awesome things about BBUK and BBAU I’ll admit that I’ve never had the fun of enjoying either of those series much less the Italian flavor. That leaves me only knowing Jase Wirey from the mix of voting options. Jase was awesome entertainment during his time on BBUS Seasons 5 & 7, but it really has been a long, long time for him and being up against a more recently known player in Tim Dormer could prove to be a huge hurdle. Will Jase’s BBUS history be a geographical advantage?

As for the ladies, this looks like it’ll go strongly for Nikki who is getting a lot more vocal support from what I see on my Twitter timeline and is likely more exposed to the voting fan base, but you never know as we wait for the official results.

Until things are official, be sure to vote in our poll here for who you want to see enter the house. Pick one male and one female in the poll below then share your thoughts on why they’d be the best new HGs for BBCAN4.