Big Brother Canada 4 Spoilers: Week 2 Veto Competition Results

The Power of Veto competition was held late last night for Week 2 of Big Brother Canada and the spoilers reveal who won the PoV and what it could mean for this week’s nominees.

Big Brother Canada Power of Veto
Big Brother Canada Power of Veto – Source: Global

The targets were clear this week after the shift in power and new Head of Household looked to clean things up after last week’s misfire attempt to make Kelsey the first BBCAN4 evictee.

Jared, the new HoH, put Loveita and Sharry on the Block as retaliation for going after Kelsey, his potential showmance, last week. The pressure was on for one of these two to win their safety. Nope.

Christine, who was not on the Block, won the Power of Veto along with a $10,000 gift card to The Brick and two free scoops of Oxi Clean detergent.

Of course Jared and company are hoping Christine will keep nominations the same, but she’s open to some possibilities. Talking with Cassandra last night Christine expressed interest in leveraging her Veto win for some deal making, but let’s hope for her sake she makes those deals with the stronger group.

As for the nominees, Loveita has checked out of Big Brother Canada already, it seems. She’s told HGs she doesn’t want to be there and wouldn’t have even used the PoV on herself if she had won it. So she’s a sure thing to go if she’s on the Block, right? Nah, maybe not.

Sharry might become the top choice to be evicted this week if she remains on the Block against Loveita. With Loveita’s spirit broken she’s making herself a candidate for hanging around and sending out the more determined Sharry.

What do you think the situation? Would Christine be wise to use the Veto or better off keeping things the same and getting a little extra safety in the process? It’ll be an interesting week ahead as the Houseguests debate whether or not to set Loveita free like she wants.


  1. Christine should not use the PoV. So, Loveita isn’t happy and wants to go home? Big suck, what was she thinking, BB was going to be like going on a vacation? Make her stay and get rid of Sharry her only alliance it appears.

  2. That was unexpected. Funny that she won as I just saw earlier today a feed highlight on Youtube before the comp happened and Christine said to Nikki that she won’t try as hard to win it.

    And I guess she did, with cash to boot. Heehee

  3. Christine, as in the one who literally is in bed all day, every day? I swear I haven’t seen her anywhere else!

  4. I guess Christine was a Mario Kart Blue shell. Just came out of nowhwere and won the Veto.

    As for should she use it, well it depends on who she’s tight with and if Jared/Kelsey know who she’s tight with. They could punish her for not listening to them.

    If she doesn’t use it she’s not making any enemies, but if she does she could get a big threat out

  5. Two free scoops of OxiClean detergent? Did I read that right? They have to pay to do laundry?

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